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People are always asking me to be on their show.

They want to pick my brain and find out everything I know about podcasting.

If they're cool, I almost always say yes.

But something strange has been happening lately.

People are calling me this weird name.

At first I laughed it off.

Now it's happening more and more often and I can't ignore it anymore.

Let's play a game.

I'm going to share an interview I did on the Sales Funnel Mastery show.

The tips I give aren't just for podcasts, you can use them to grow your audience and become a respected authority in your niche (even if you don't have a show yet.)

I want you to listen to what the hosts calls me…

It's the name that I've been shying away from, but I can't hide from it any longer.

He says it inside the first 30 seconds of the interview – so even if you don't want to listen to the whole thing you can still play along.

Heres how the game will work.

You listen in for the name Jeremy calls me (in the first 30 seconds) and you respond to this email telling me what it is.

If you get it right I'll send you my Podcast Checklist as a gift.

It's the exact checklist I use to launch all my shows at The Podcast Factory.

And, if you want some extra credit – leave a comment on the video telling us what you're big takeaway was from the interview.

CLICK HERE to watch the video now

Talk Soon,
Producer Jonathan


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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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