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Ever since I wrote you about "Dong's feeding time" people have been asking how our son got his nickname.

Nope, it has nothing to do with any of his physical attributes.

After a few days of hanging out in our condo with our son Cupcake's Uncle invited us to his place in the Batangas.

We were eager to get away from the traffic, people, and abundance of malls in Manila, so we took Uncle up on his offer.

What you need to know about Uncle is they call him "Boss" everywhere he goes. He would be considered a first class citizen in the Philippines. And the family refers to his place in the Batangas as "The Mansion."

When we got there he saw our boy and asked where he was from. We told him he was from General Santos in the far south of the Philippines Islands.

Instantly he growled "Dong, lika dito"

Which translates to "Boy, come here"

He came running and he responds to "Dong" better than his own name. So everyone started calling him "Dong."

And that my friends, is how the legend of Dong was born.

It goes to show you, sometimes you just need to say the right thing to get a response.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

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