On one hand I want to give you all the goodies you missed at The Podcast Factory each Sunday.

But on the other hand I can't stand all this tech stuff.

The annoyance continues with this automated RSS thingy I'm using.

I noticed that a few shows have been missing, most importantly El Benbo's show.

Anyways, as always the best way to get all the new show even before they're in iTunes is to subscribe to my You Tube channel.

Here's a link to each of the shows along with the latest episode:

Ben Settle Podcast | BenSettle.com Podcast 

Dan Meredith Podcast | Death, Glory, or Disappointment 

Doberman Dan Podcast | Off the Chain

Igor Kheifets Podcast | List Building Lifestyle

James Newberry Podcast | Donor Doctor 

Kyle Newell Podcast | Unlocking Your Inner Strength 

Lisa Rangel Podcast | Pretend You're Fired Today

Marquel Russell Podcast | Results over BS

Tracy Matthews Podcast | Thrive by Design

Taylor Welch and Chris Evans Podcast | Smartest Guys in Marketing

You're welcome,
Producer Jonathan