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Here's what loyal Podcast Mogul reader Robert LaMontagne wrote about my super simple 3D list building and selling framework:

Dear Jonathan,

…But if it’s really as simple as you say…

Why isn’t everyone doing it that way?

And why aren’t you on FB live selling your Super Secret Six Figure EZ Ninja Funnel Huckster Course for $1997

With the behind the curtain continuity program…

  • $297 a month for your “See the Wizard” Monthly Live Sesh
  • Plus Daily Value MeisterMind Private FB Group with other Super Secret EZ Funnel Huckster Ninjas

Hmmm!?  Hmm!?


Simplicity is for Suckers

P.S. Very much looking forward to the March issue…you’re packing a ton of marketing gold in these newsletters that are oh so cleverly disguised as “only” for podcasters.


And you know what, Rob is right.

I should have a big $2k course with behind the scenes monthly continuity, along with a Facebook group and all that jazz.

But I'm too lazy for all that.

I prefer remaining behind the scenes plugging away at The Factory putting out shows for me and my hosts and writing monthly newsletter's letting my readers know what's working today.

You know what else he's right about?

Even though my monthly newsletter is called The Podcast Mogul, it's not just for podcasters.

The principles I teach in each issues can be applied to any business.

In fact, in the next issue I'm sharing my Podcast Product Launch framework.

But you know what, you can take the same framework and use it with video, PDF's, or any content your market is interested in.

The next issue goes to the printer soon, subscribe now while you still have time at http://PodcastMogul.com

Producer Jonathan

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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