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Millionaire loan officer Kelly Taylor wanted to spend more time with her grandchildren while making more money. She built a vision board for herself.

In 4-5 short years, Kelly now spends Friday's with her family and doubled her income.

In this episode, discover how she envisioned her future and how you can too.

Show highlights include:

  • How having a coach point out your struggles lets you build your team quicker (2:36)
  • Why having a detailed-oriented loan application processor accurately complete the 10-03 form for you gives you time to meet new people in your community (3:58)
  • How being in your local networking group gives you a minimum of 2 referrals each month (and helps you give back to your community) (5:55)
  • Why scheduling days off in your calendar skyrockets your business (8:47)
  • How putting pictures of your family up on your wall makes you more money (14:25)

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Welcome to The Millionaire Loan Officer podcast with your host, Scott Hudspeth sharing tools, tips and strategies so that you can go from a mortgage loan officer to a millionaire loan officer. It's your host, Scott Hudspeth.

Scotty: Hello everybody. This is Scott Hudspeth, with Millionaire Loan Officer powered by Mortgage Marketing Animals and The Loan Officer Breakfast Club. And I'm over the moon excited today to have what I call maybe the nicest person that I've ever met in my life. Kelly Taylor. Kelly, how are you, my friend?

Kelly: I am great. Thank you so much Scott. Great to be here with you today.

Scotty: It's so great to have you here. And I just, I don't know, it gives me chills. I dunno, like we met a lot. I don't know, man, it was four or five years ago.

Kelly: It’s been a while.

Scotty: A couple of events back, you know.

Kelly: Yeah.

Scotty: And you're just been so kind and so nice. And your husband's amazing. And I've been watching your journey with your grandbaby, I want to talk about that. And I've been watching your journey with the mortgage business and it's just been super cool to see such a nice person excel and have a great business and have the freedom to go along with it cause it's not so much about the success it's about the freedom from the success, right?

Kelly: Yup.

Scotty: So, tell us where you're at and how long have you been in the business? [01:24.8]

Kelly: Well, where am I at? Right now, I am holding on to Tennessee.

Scotty: That’s what I meant as far as where you live. Like where you from?

Kelly: I'm living. [inaudible] Tennessee. It’s in middle Tennessee, we’re south of Nashville. So, I cover the main area that I cover is middle Tennessee area. Of course, I'm licensed in all of Tennessee. I can go anywhere. I've been in the mortgage business since 2005. So, I've been around for a little while

Scotty: Very cool.

Kelly: And I just, I joined the freedom club and 2018, at the end of 2018, I think. We just kicked off mainly January is when I really dug in, in 2019 and it has been amazing. Amazing.

Scotty: Awesome. Awesome. So, and I know, I think that's where I met you, it was at a freedom club event.

Kelly: I believe so.

Scotty: And I know it's funny because you probably do remember this. I had that condo in Detroit.

Kelly: Hmm…hmm.

Scotty: You came up and, and you know had a visit and we went up there and I cooked dinner and you're like one of the only ones that I ever did that with so. [02:25.6]

Kelly: Oh, that was so much fun.

Scotty: Right. You have a special place in my heart. That was so much fun. Kevin was there, like we just had a really good time so.

Kelly: Yeah.

Scotty: Going back to 05, compared to where you're at now, what would you tell somebody now that you wish you would've known many, many, many years ago? Cause I know we all have that thing…like man.

Kelly: Oh yes.

Scotty: Just known that back when I started it, I would have been probably, I don't know, on a beach drinking tequila somewhere. [02:52.1]

Kelly: The very first thing I would have done is I wish I would have, but it's good because I've learned is get a coach. That's really, when things changed for me was getting a coach and getting somebody that, that can see from the inside. You know, they've already been there, they've already done that. They've already went through all the struggles that I've been through. And so that was what really made a difference for me. And then that also led me to where I was able to get my own team.

Scotty: Ooh. Nice.

Kelly: There is freedom in having somebody that can pick up the phone when you can't. You're just duplicating yourself.

Scotty: Yeah.

Kelly: Being more available, but also being, not just more available for the business and for those phone calls that are coming in, but more available for your family.

Scotty: Aahh.

Kelly: So, the, the having the, the theme behind you has is that get your team set up.

Scotty: Yeah.

Kelly: If you don't have money to get somebody full time, if it's three hours a week, pay somebody for three hours a week. [03:55.0]

Scotty: Great idea, great idea. You know what, you had a huge point. So, knowing what you know now about like, okay, if I go to zero, the first thing I'm going to do is like go all in on the sales part, but who would be the first hire, knowing what you know now?

Kelly: My first hire right now, like looking back would be somebody that can actually understand, can take the full mortgage application, complete that 10- 03 as perfect and accurate as you can upfront. That will save you a lot of headache for the process. Get that person that can do that for you and go make your sales calls. Go pick up the phone, go meet with people, be visible, get out in the community, be visible. [04:38.7]

Scotty: Love it. And I know that, you know, everybody says, I don’t know I use it as an excuse where I'll add, right? We're good at sales, we've got a little like application what's that that's got blanks or stuff in it, you got to fill in like, that's like no fun. What, like, what is that. God, I hate that. And it's funny, I bet you that your loan partner, whoever it is that takes these applications now bet you they're like, Hey Kelly, get out of the way.

Kelly: Nah.

Scotty: I can do it, right so. It's kind of fun when you actually get that person that's detail oriented and cause we're not.

Kelly: Yup.

Scotty: They can actually help fill in the blank. So, it's pretty cool. What activities have you done? Or like what freeing yourself up with this team and this assistant, what has been like one of the best activities that you would say, man, if you just do this persistently consistently, what activity would that be? [05:24.3]

Kelly: Making phone calls or, you know, at least reaching out. Like if sometimes it's a, face-to-face where you actually, I would rather be face-to-face with somebody.

Scotty: Yeah.

Kelly: Than just on the phone with them.

Scotty: Yeah.

Kelly: So, for me, it's, you know, get on the phone. If you can get an appointment with them, sit down face to face, get out, be visible. I mean, how do they know who you are if you're sitting at a desk and keying in loan applications all day.

Scotty: Right on, and I know you had your best year ever in 2020, a lot of us did, but you're continuing it in 2021. Were you doing zoom calls? Were you're just doing phone calls, what was the thing that you replaced face-to-face with during the hard times?

Kelly: Zoom calls, I mean, that's just like, I guess everybody did, but I am in a local networking group also. And we didn't cut back as much, like we did for a little while, but we just, we did our social distancing. We, you know, we spaced out so, and I am, I'm just at, I gotta be with you, like I like to, so zoom just wasn't really, I mean, it's great. I've love it right now because I can connect with Scotty, but it's not, it's just not the same.

Scotty: Yeah.

Kelly: So, I prefer being face-to-face. [06:28.1]

Scotty: Yeah. And I'm excited to see you in like, I don’t know, four days, like I am so excited.

Kelly: Yes, yes that’s really great.

Scotty: I don’t know, I just got chills man cause it's been like two years, you know?

Kelly: Yeah.

Scotty: So, tell me about this networking group. What is that?

Kelly: Springhill connect is the name of it. It's the name of the city.

Scotty: Got it.

Kelly: And we have right now, I think about 13 members.

Scotty: Okay.

Kelly: We've got one realtor, one insurance agent, one printer, just one person in each seat. We meet each week and we're required to refer to people in the group. And the requirements is two referrals a month or six per quarter.

Scotty: Gotcha.

Kelly: And we keep up with every, all the referrals that are passed. We keep up with close business that we can tell if we're referring to somebody and they're not closing the businesses is somebody we want in our group.

Scotty: Gotcha. Is it kind of a BNI group? Like a business networking that you get.

Kelly: It is.

Scotty: Yeah okay.

Kelly: It’s like a BNI.

Scotty: Okay.

Kelly: Without the name BNI.

Scotty: Yeah, yeah. And you guys meet once a week, once a month like how often? [07:24.1]

Kelly: We meet once a week.

Scotty: Okay.

Kelly: Thursday mornings.

Scotty: Very cool.

Kelly: Bright and early 7:30 in the morning. Most them 7:45 in the morning.

Scotty: Awesome.

Kelly: And then once a year, one thing I really love about the group is we pay in quarterly. We pay in our dues just like you would in a BNI. But every quarter we all get together and we go out for appetizers, drinks, whatever, you know, just like a little happy hour for our group. And then in, at Christmas time we donate the remaining funds back to something, somewhere in our community.

Scotty: Aww…

Kelly: So, there's a, like a local food bank, the well that we've contributed to.

Scotty: Wow.

Kelly: And we've contributed to pregnancy centers and different things like that, that are good in our community.

Scotty: That's awesome. That is so cool. Yeah. Very cool. Well, the most important part that I want to get to is

Kelly: Oh.

Scotty: Grandbaby.

Kelly: We are four now.

Scotty: That's great. You had one like this yesterday.

Kelly: Yeah, we're up to four now.

Scotty: So, you've been like, nope. I remember you calling me like, Hey, it's Friday. I got with, sometimes bug you on a Friday and you'd be like, no, Hey man, with my grand babies, can I call you Monday? Like that you've been, so this is it. This is like, you've been so great about that. Tell me, like, you've been able to take Fridays off and your business grows and like. [08:41.8]

Kelly: Yes.

Scotty: I don't know, man it's just like that glow that you have when you're with your grand baby is nothing, there's nothing better and I love it. Tell me how you've been able to do that?

Kelly: So, when I joined freedom club and I've had to update it since then, but back in 2018, 19, when I joined freedom club, there's this exercise that I did to learn what's your why? And I love my family. I'm all about family.

Scotty: Right.

Kelly: So that was really, I wanted more time with them. I was so stressed and I was working 60, 70 hours a week and I didn't have time for my family. And I was just, I love what I do. And so, I get sucked in because it's what I like to do and doing the why, you know, what's your why. I want more time with my family. I want quality time, not just to say that I have a family.

Scotty: Yeah.

Kelly: So, one of the things that Carl White said was in one of our meetings, I think it was the very first meeting I had with him is I have control of my calendar. So I just went in and wrote, I’m taking off Friday. Taking off Friday.

Scotty: I love it.

Kelly: And there's been time, I mean, I'll take off every Friday. But if I take off because I'm with my family, I’m with my family.

Scotty: Yeah.

Kelly: I am all in with my family.

Scotty: Yeah. [10:00.4]

Kelly: I've had a few vacations since then, since I got into the freedom club and all of this where I've actually left my laptop at home.

Scotty: Wow.

Kelly: And.

Scotty: Wow.

Kelly: You talk to any realtor, mortgage loan officer, there's very few of them that can't have that, you know, where they can leave their computer at home.

Scotty: Yeah.

Kelly: And be fully there with their babies. One of my goals, I will tell you this, my coach asked me, this was the year that COVID hit was at 20.

Scotty: Yup 2020, yup.

Kelly: In January, she asked me if the end of the year, what is one thing that you're going to call me and tell me the best thing I did all year.

Scotty: Hmm…hmm.

Kelly: So, December of 2020, you're gonna call me and you're gonna tell me. And I said, I'm taking my babies to Walt Disney World. Like I'm taking the grand babies to Walt Disney World. Well, don't, you know, COVID hit. So, it didn't happen in 2020, but I am happy to tell you, I am delighted to tell you that we just went in September.

Scotty: Aww.

Kelly: And absolutely loved it. [11:04.4]

Scotty: You know, that is the best news that probably I've heard all year, to be honest with you.

Kelly: There's just nothing like it.

Scotty: You know, more importantly, I've always admired you for this like, Fridays are my, that's my time, that's my family time. And I've always admired you for that. Like, you're one of very few that's able to let go and then go, you know what?

Kelly: Hmm…hmm.

Scotty: I don't care what happens. This is more important. Cause I can't get this time back and I think that more people need to hear that.

Kelly: Yeah.

Scotty: You know, I mean, did you lose any agents from doing that?

Kelly: No, they love it because they care about me too. When you build that relationship with your agents and they know about you. I mean, you're talking to them all the time. Don't think that I haven't told them about them, grand babies. I mean, and even maybe share a couple of pictures you know.

Scotty: Couple?

Kelly: So, they know and they're just as happy for me. And they can contact with my team, they know they know who, we all work together as a team. So actually, it's worked out better. I don’t take every Friday, I mean, wouldn't that be nice, but sometimes it's not taking off being with the babies or being away from my computer. Sometimes, it's digging in deeper, in different areas in your business on Friday. It's just not getting in. I'm not doing the regular daily routines. [12:14.6]

Scotty: I love it. Love it. And so, what's next, you got it dialed in, you have four grand babies. I mean, if you want to rent a couple, I'd be more than happy to help you. I’ll fly to you. I can't wait. I'm super excited about that. Someday, I'm not, you know.

Kelly: It’s amazing, it’s amazing.

Scotty: I hope they don't hear this. I hope my kids don't hear this. So, what's next for Kelly? I mean like here we are 2021 coming out of the, hopefully getting over this craziness. You shared with me, you're building a brand-new office and you're.

Kelly: Yup.

Scotty: In your new house, which is super cool. Can't wait to see that.

Kelly: Yeah. So, we remodeled our house. We bought a new house this past year. It was my grandmother's.

Scotty: Yeah.

Kelly: So, I'm super excited to be able to still live-in granny's house.

Scotty: Awesome.

Kelly: And it just wasn't big enough for me to have a home office and everything like that. So, my husband is currently building an office for us and we just had an in-ground pool installed. So next year, my goals I'm working on my new what's my wife for going forward and I've got some changes to it, but we were able to purchase a camper this past year. And that was on my vision board in January. I printed off a fifth wheel and the truck in July, we purchased our first camper. And so, this next year I'm hoping that we can take maybe a longer vacation and take the grand babies on the road and go somewhere cool. [13:41.3]

Scotty: How about we take the hope out of that.

Kelly: Oh yeah, it's going to happen. I mean.

Scotty: Okay. All right, all right.

Kelly: I know it’s gonna happen. You tell me, it's on [inaudible]. It’s happening.

Scotty: Okay. It's happening. That is so exciting. So, a new fifth wheel in July, take the grand babies, man like how fun would that be? That'd be so fun, I know it. You know the cool part like you have zero stress when you say that.

Kelly: Oh no, Yeah.

Scotty: Where most people, literally Kelly, I've seen people shake going on, Hey, you know, when do you usually go home? I don't know, seven, eight o'clock I'm like, Hey, how about if one day we picked during the week you go home at five, they start [inaudible].

Kelly: Yeah.

Scotty: So, if you could help somebody with time is the only thing, we have that's equal. And the only thing we can't get back, the only thing we can't make more of, like, what's something that you could say to help somebody to go, the money's great. But like if you delegate and you go, who can do stuff for me so I can sell during my focus time and go and go play. What would you say to, how'd you let go of that?

Kelly: So, you put the picture of the babies up on the wall in front of you.

Scotty: Love it.

Kelly: And you know, does the money matter or does the time with the kids?

Scotty: Hmm.

Kelly: You can still make the money though. That's the thing, that I didn't until I joined freedom club.

Scotty: Yeah. [14:53.4]

Kelly: I mean, I'm actually making more money now and I'm putting in less time.

Scotty: Go figure that. What did you just say? You're making more money now working less?

Kelly: Working less.

Scotty: So why is it that people make, think that more loans is more work?

Kelly: They don't have help.

Scotty: Hmm…Isn't that funny?

Kelly: Yup.

Scotty: That's so cool.

Kelly: Yeah, they get the team. Get your team

Scotty: Get your team. Yeah, good. So camper 2022 RV sitting there, ready to roll.

Kelly: Yup.

Scotty: Four grand babies. You want to throw any predictions out there for 2022?

Kelly: I've got some wrote down and this is where I hesitate. This is where your coaching comes in. Because it’s like this, I'm going to say it, but I'm dreaming big because if I don't dream big, it won’t happen. So, I put it on paper.

Scotty: Okay. I love asking this question because now it's recorded, now it's on a podcast forever.

Kelly: It’s recorded. And I'm one of those people if I put it on paper, it happens, like it's going to happen.

Scotty: I know, I know.

Kelly: And that's why on my vision board, I had the picture of the babies and I had a picture of the fifth wheel. So, I'm looking at the before December of 2022, that I will have three consecutive months of 20 loans closed. [16:11.2]

Scotty: Wow. Okay, how are you going to do that?

Kelly: I am going to focus grasshopper.

Scotty: I love it. This is the best day I've had in a long time; this is a focus grasshopper. All right. The title of the podcast is going to be focus grasshopper.

Kelly: Yes focus. And it’s hard when you know, you're a loan officer with add, and I can't tell you how many squirrels I've seen go past that. And like, I'm waiting for your cat to pop up on the screen or something, you know, like…my mind is constantly going so it is, it's hard to get focused, but I'm going to dial in on that DSP.

Scotty: Yeah.

Kelly: I've already put some things into place right now that are I'm working on now so that January it's a [inaudible]

Scotty: Go guns are blazing. Guns are blazing in January. So cool.

Kelly: I’m gonna be like those braves last night in that world [inaudible]

Scotty: Dude, is that unbelievable like holy smokes.

Kelly: It’s awesome.

Scotty: Yeah. Awesome. Yeah, right.

Kelly: And I have to thank you for that.

Scotty: Yeah. Yeah. So, Hey, I want to ask you one more question, man. Like maybe we do a lot of camping. [17:13.8]

Kelly: Yes. And you know what, I saw when you got you your motor home. And I was like, that is the life and told Olin and I mean so many. And I'm like that we can do this job anywhere.

Scotty: Yeah.

Kelly: My step-mom lives down in SpringHill, Florida. And I was down there, my sister got married in July down there and I found a campground that is three miles from my step-mom.

Scotty: Oh.

Kelly: If I can you know, work. I mean, I work at her house when I go to visit.

Scotty: Yeah.

Kelly: So surely, I can in a camper. [17:50.9]

Scotty: Yeah. Trust me, I got you. So, whatever you need, you tell me, I got, I know what it takes to work from anywhere, so.

Kelly: Okay.

Scotty: I got you. So just call me.

Kelly: Yes.

Scotty: And I'll say all the things you need, the things you're gonna meet, like you gotta have these things. So, a 100%, I would love, love, love to book something with you and Paul and whoever else wants to go and let's just go.

Kelly: Yes.

Scotty: Find a uber cool place and literally hunker down and do what we call a brain dump and.

Kelly: Yeah.

Scotty: Have fun and just go, you know.

Kelly: Yes.

Scotty: Just have a blast and see some views and do some fun stuff. That'd be good time killing.

Kelly: Yeah, that would.

Scotty: Kelly I'm over the moon excited for you, happy for you. Proud of you. Spent a great day. Since the day we met, it's been so fun knowing you and your husband, just a great family, great grand babies. And it's I can't wait to see your journey. I'm going to hold you to the 20 loans. Can I count on you?

Kelly: Yes

Scotty: 20 loans to. Okay All right.

Kelly: You said can I count on you? Can I count? I know that line.

Scotty: I know, you do. I know you do. So, all right, Kelly. Thank you so much for being here. I appreciate you. Can't wait to see you in a couple of days. You're awesome. Anything you need ever, you know, I'm here for you.

Kelly: Thank you so much.

Scotty: Yeah, thank you. Guys, thanks for listening to another episode of Millionaire Loan Officer powered by Mortgage Marketing Animals and Loan Officer, Breakfast Club. Be safe and we'll see you on the web. Take everybody. [19:04.3]

I'm a Millionaire Loan Officer.

Thank you for tuning into the Millionaire Loan Officer podcast with your host Scott Hudspeth, don't forget to visit MLOlive.com to have your questions answered. See you next time. [19:24.1]

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