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Real estate investors think hiring a VA will create more freedom, unlock more growth, and give them more peace of mind.

While finding and hiring VAs is a crucial ingredient for growth, there are many mistakes which waste your money without resulting in more closed deals.

In this episode, you’ll discover how to best hire and train your VA, so they help grow your business instead of wasting your money.

Listen now.

Show highlights include: 

  • The “friendly next door neighbor” secret for transforming cold calls into paying clients (3:39)
  • The 3 pillars of a real estate marketing campaign which separates the duds from the studs (6:08)
  • Why treating your remote VA like an in-house team member helps you close more real estate deals (11:15)
  • 2 “must-have” software platforms for profitably outsourcing your cold calling to a VA (12:23)

If you need a growth partner for your real estate investing business or help finding high-quality VAs, visit our website here: https://nomadux.com/.

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Wanna stop talking to cold leads? In the real estate closers, you'll discover how to stop sourcing deals and start closing them. After working with hundreds of wholesaling businesses, Samantha and David share how you can build systems that give you motivated sellers on autopilot. And now, here are your hosts, Samantha and David.

(00:25): Hello and welcome to the real estate closes the most highly effective show that gives you the best tips and tricks to make your business a success, helping you reach your number one goal. We cheers closing deals. So to begin, who are the real estate closes and what do we do? Well, we provide trained VAs in real estate. We provide excellent VAs for real estate investors like yourself, nomad doc's wholesaling, caller solutions. We provide a premium level service. So unlike other companies that may provide callers, you know, from the Philippines and other countries, we focus on two types of callers. We have us expats and we use talent from central America, which is actually where we're based. Nomad docs is a near shore company based in Costa Rica. So we're actually also in the Americas, uh, like you guys, but we're just outside of the United States. So going back to our premium level service, we offer USX pats, which means that these callers are born and BR in the United States, no accent.

(01:44): Uh, they understand the culture, the nuances, the American culture, and way of life. The geography. In addition with our central American callers, the majority of our VAs have actually lived in the United States, or they may have studied there and they have equally fluent English and they all learn us English at school. So I guess the, the next question that you might be thinking is, well, how do we train them? Well, again, at nomad docs, we really do value our training. We really want to add value to our clients, and it's very important that we provide VAs that are fully trained. So we have two different types of training programs. We have the cold calling training, which is based off different methods from different Gus. Typically the TTP with the, you know, the four pillar script. So how to dig for motivation, you know, what are the pain points?

(02:49): That's common from the top toe back training, the no limit sales training, identifying the pain points of the, of the prospect, finding out obviously information about the condition of the home. And obviously the timeline is key. Also getting the price out of the seller. What, what is their asking price? So we have quite a vigorous training process. We have the agents go through the cold calling training. They also understand and learn about different jargon within the real estate sector. In addition to that, they also actually get hands on practice. So they have to do role playing they're recorded. They have to handle understand your bottles, how to build rapport cause effectively, you know, this role is really about how to sound like the friendly next door neighbor. And we really, we don't want a, a typical corporate kind of a robotic monotonous kind of vibe on the phone.

(03:55): We really want them to, to really connect and build rapport as if they were chatting with their best friend on the phone. And in addition to the cold calling training, we have quite a high demand, uh, from clients for lead managers and acquisition specialists. So we actually developed using different training programs that clients have kindly shared with us that really cost thousands of dollars. We created with our team of experts and lead management and acquisition training calls. So agents that are experienced in cold calling that's the, you know, the requisite they have to have had at least a year or two or more in cold calling in real estate, they can actually develop their skills and join this course where they learn about what's the difference between lead management and cold calling? What are the tasks, what are the CRM systems that they have to use?

(04:59): What are the, the, uh, the requisites of being a good lead manager? And in addition, focusing on the acquisition, so running the comparables, how do you calculate an ARV, how to get the max cash offer and so forth. So that's just a little bit of a, an overview on, on we offer. Obviously when we provide the VAs, it's important that the client does their own onboarding, their own training to show the inner workings of their business. You can't expect VA to, to be onboarded or to start just telepathically, understand every aspect of your business. So I like to be transparent about what we offer and what we don't. We want the agent, you know, obviously be a good fit for your company, but it's very important. You also train and onboard your VA and so forth. And I'm actually going to bring in my, my colleague, David, who is also the, the second part of the, the dynamic duo that encompasses their real estate closes. And he's going to give you some more insight on what we call the three pillars of success in a marketing campaign.

(06:16): Thanks very much, Samantha. Yeah, absolutely. Samantha said, you know, what makes the campaign successful? So you've got your agent, you've got your system set up, you've got all your data, everything's ready to go, but what really makes the campaign successful from then on in, well, we like to call it the three pillars of success for campaigns, with our experience and background in doing this for a lot of years now, we've, um, seen over a period of time, the campaigns that are really successful and the ones that aren't and we've managed to pull from those successful campaigns, what we think are the three key ingredients. If you like of making the campaign really successful, really productive, getting really, really great leads and closing loads of deals, which is the name of the game. The first thing is obviously the agents. Now, the agent that's very much up to no's wholesaling caller solutions to provide you with the right agent, as Samantha said, she's just gone through the process for doing that.

(07:16): So you can choose the right agent, make sure that chemistry is right. The experience is right for your business. So the agent is very much down to us, but it is really a two way thing. You've got to make sure that when we present you with the agents, you are choosing, the one that you feel is right for your business. That's very, very important. So that's the first pillar of success. The agent, the VA that we provide. The second thing very, very important equally is important is the data that you, as the client provide your agent to call with, you know, looking at where you get that data from the quality of the data. There's different companies that you can use for getting data. Some are better than others. Some are pricey than others. Maybe if you go for low quality data, you might get some leads from it, but it's best.

(08:02): If you can to go for the best quality data you can afford for your business, because that data's gonna be key. If it's clean, if it's relevant, if it's up to date, so the agent can contact people, the telephone numbers are correct. The detail, the name of the person they're speaking to is correct of the homeowner, the details of the Homer, correct? All those things, make the call that much more successful and make sure that the agent, the VA that we provide, you can get that information that you need. They pass on the lead to you and you, you can go and close that deal. And that's what it's about. The next, the third pillar, uh, of success. Again, very, very important is what we call the triangle of communication. Communication is key with most things in life and with a campaign with us and our clients.

(08:51): The communication is absolutely of paramount importance. What we mean by the triangle communication is, is your communication as the client, with your agent, your VA, their communication, and our communication with them. And then our communication as your service provider, nobody looks back to you. So it's that triangle. And if we're all talking to each other, so if there's issues that come up, if there's opportunities that come up, we can handle those in real time, we can fix issues. We can jump on opportunities and exploit them and make, make the success of them. So there's various ways we do that. Um, a lot of clients like to communicate on Skype, which is a popular one. WhatsApp obviously is very popular. Now. Um, we can communicate by a WhatsApp. We can have a group WhatsApp, we can have a, a WhatsApp separately with the client and the client can have a separate WhatsApp link with the, with the agent, the VA.

(09:43): Also some clients use slack. That's a very important and very relevant and very popular internal communication system that a lot of clients have in their business. So they'll add no myself to man, any other members of the team that need to be added and also the agent. So we can communicate that way through the, the client's own internal communication system. But that triangle communication is very, very important. So they're the three things just to, just to really summarize that three pillars of success. One, the agent, the quality of the agent, is it right for your business? The, is the person, right? Is the VA, right? The data you provide absolutely of paramount importance, that's gonna really drive the success. As far as the agent contacting the homeowners is concerned and the quality of the leads that they get from that. And then the triangle of communication, the client communicating with Nodo nos, communicating with the client and the agent and the agent communicating with the client and vice versa. So that triangle of communication, so that they're the three pillars of success.

(10:43): Thank you for that. David, that's definitely a really valuable information. We have a lot of different types of investors from those that are less experienced to those who have been doing this for a while now, to obviously what we call the high rollers. But I, I feel that this type of information is, is really, really, really interesting because just to elaborate further from what David said, this is coming from our experience, managing agents and dealing with clients. We have noticed that the most successful campaigns are definitely the ones where the client integrates the VA more into their in-house team. So even though they are remote, they really bring them on and make them feel as though they are part of the team. Uh, it's really important, especially, you know, when providing feedback and, and things like that. Obviously a lot of our clients are using our service because they want to outsource it, however they don't need to be fully hands on, but definitely we do encourage some element of frequent communication, whether that be initially daily at the start of the campaign, or maybe just weekly and then as the campaign has a longer duration and it's producing results, then maybe you can just meet with your agent every couple of weeks.

(12:10): So this leads me on to the next, um, topic, which is very, very important, especially when you're starting and launching a marketing campaign with a company like Noma, Dougs, what are the most effective systems to use to propel your business? Well for the cold calling campaigns, it's very important that you use an outbound dialer, the most common ones that we've seen in the market and the most common ones that the, the, our client base uses would be either the mojo, uh, mojo sales, outbound dialer for the ready mode just recently changed its name from Zen call. And then there were a couple of different other ones like phone burner, or call tools and batch dialer. I'm going to talk about the first two, uh, because still they do seem to be the most popular ones to use. And mojo mojo is extremely user friendly. It's highly intuitive to use the interface dashboard is very simple.

(13:19): What I like about mojo, it's just really just plug in and play. You know, you have the core recordings. It really records very well, the dial time, which is how we pay the agents. So it's very clear and concise. The reporting is good. It's very, uh, easy for the agents to track their own hours by going into the session report in the dialer also that they can, uh, copy and paste the call detail report and put that into an end of day report or a weekly report for the client's perusal. What are some of the disadvantages of the mojo dialer? Well, unfortunately it doesn't have the VoIP system integrated. So for callers outside of the United States, which obviously the majority of the VAs that clients use, they have to connect, uh, to make the calls. They have to connect through Skype or Google voice. And, um, this can cause a little bit of a lag sometimes with the calls.

(14:22): And often there can be some kind of technical glitches the way around this is just to change the server and then do a simple troubleshoot, like do a reboot and, and things like that. Um, on the other hand, you have the other dialer, which is the ready mode previously known as Zen call. And that already has the VO system in place. Again, it's very easy to track the time they, they pay off the payable hours, uh, which is the time that the agent is in the dialer and making the calls. Also, it has the call recordings in there just like mojo. And it has a lot of reporting. It's a little bit more advanced in, in terms of the settings. You really need to know how to configure it correctly. Um, but as long as you get it set up properly from day one, you shouldn't have too many issues.

(15:14): So those would be my recommendations for the dialers to use. And in addition, it's, it's important, especially when you are doing lead management and acquisitions to have a good CRM system. Some of the CRM systems that our clients use tend to be podium re I black book higher level and, and many more. And in addition, just kind of backtracking a bit with the acquisition and, and the lead management. It's very common for the client to use a tool called smartphone, uh, which seems to be very popular for the manual dialing. And I believe it also has outbound dialing because the clients that use the smartphone, they're not having these big lists for a big outbound campaign, but they're using it for the lead management, sorry, the lead manager to do the follow up calls and the acquisitions in terms of the, the most effective communication tools.

(16:18): Well, David already touched on this and again, I don't wanna sound like a broken record, but I really can't state how critical it is to use some clear and easy communication platforms. Email is great, but clients are very busy. They receive hundreds of emails, same with the agents. We can get a little lost in translation. So whenever I'm onboarding a client directly, as part of my checklist, I do always, always tell the client to make sure that they have some kind of live messaging service, whether it's slack or telegram or WhatsApp, or even Skype, I'm really big on not reinventing the wheel. I think that if you can just keep it simple, just do that. You know, you don't need to necessarily try, like all of the, the jazziest up to date communication, gadget tools, just keep it simple. And I think you'll produce great results.

(17:18): Um, so really just to summarize again, we just really want to, to start off by giving a little bit more of an introduction about, about who we are, what we do. I just want to just kind of give a recap of who we are. As I said, you know, we are we're nearshore company based in Costa Rica. We have been doing this, this speciality with the real estate since 2017, definitely not amateurs. We were effective. We know what clients want. We know what they need really focus on providing great training, good agents. We want to offer value. We want to have a really good, long working relationship with our clients. We're in it for the long term, basically in this business, we do understand that things happen. Clients might move their business in a different direction, but we also have high quantity of clients that have been with us for year, two years, even three years.

(18:25): And that's really what our objective is to, to work with clients, to, to help them close deals, right? And to basically just improve their bottom line. Again, it's very important to be transparent about what we offer, what we don't, in terms of the cold calling the client have to provide their, their own data, their own dialer. We can advise, we can provide advice and we're more than happy to help, but we are really here to provide the manpower in terms of pulling lists or skip tracing. We can advise. And we even actually have, uh, contacts with that, which we'll start discussing that in more detail in other episodes, you know, really that's what we provide. That's what we offer the clients come to us so that they can focus on the core competencies of, of their business and delegate effectively some of these tasks that are highly time consuming.

(19:27): That's what we are here to do. I'd like to just, um, for now say goodbye before we leave. I'd really like you to all, just have a look at our website. Our website is WW dot Noma docs.com. Please check out the client testimonials. So if you go to the, the landing page, just scroll down, uh, you'll see the client testimonials under the contact us tab. You can fill in your details on the contact form, or there's actually a little green icon button, which is the icon of WhatsApp click on it. That will actually send it click and send a message that will actually go directly to my WhatsApp. We can be in contact that way. Goodbye for now. We really hope that you've enjoyed the show. Please keep tuning in. We're really, really excited to, to grow with you and help you. We're here to serve you. We're very excited to, to keep coming here with more exciting episodes and fresh content This program rolling

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