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Along with your newsletter subscription you're also getting my brand spanking new book “50 Podcast Recipes to Build Your Brand, Grow Your Audience, and Make More Dough.”

Here are some highlights from the book:

* Three questions to ask yourself before you start podcasting

* 4 steps to manufacture your celebrity status

* How you can build your credibility (super -fast)

* Getting other people to do your marketing for you

* How you can get all the benefits of podcasting without all the work

* An under the radar way to get more clients and customers

* A simple way to get people back to your website (even when they’re not listening to your podcast show)

* How you can start your podcast show with No Money Down

* A crazy recipe that will make any Guru you choose fall in love with you

* How to hack iTunes to get top rankings

* A way to use something most podcasters laugh at to build your email list and make more sales.

* The magic bullet you need to make your show and your business a complete success no matter what gets in your way.

* And a whole bunch more

That's what is inside the Podcast Recipes book you get as a bonus.

Imagine what's in the newsletter.

But remember, the Podcast Mogul Newsletter goes to print tomorrow – this is your last chance to subscribe and get the newsletter plus the Podcast Recipes book delivered to your doorstep.

Grab it now before it's gone at http://PodcastMogul.com

Producer Jonathan

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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