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Everybody makes mistakes when trying to improve themselves or trying to become a better person. And It's not because they’re incompetent, or down to a lack of focus or because they’re lazy.

It all comes down to common mistakes most people make when trying to become a better version of themselves – in any area of life. Today you’re going to discover what these common pitfalls are – and more importantly – how you can avoid them to move you closer to achieving your goal while enjoying the process of doing so.

Show Highlights:
– How to keep the main thing, the main thing (2:10)
– Bridging the gap between intention and action (3:00)
– Here’s when to say something – and when to keep your mouth shut (4:30)
– Life lesson from Charlie Munger: The ‘incoherent drunken bee dance’ (6:35)
– Cultural bias Vs. cognitive bias (10:45)
– What most people get wrong about goal-oriented versus process-oriented thinking (13:00)

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