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If you understand how to ‘learn,’ you can become anything (or anyone) you want. Mastery is the only skill that really matters, yet most of us are never taught how to do it effectively.

Today, Nic, Jonathan, and Dr Trevor Cashy are discussing mastery in the context of practical application and knowing enough about something to achieve what you want to achieve.

Here Are The Highlights:

– Why we never take action on our ideas and collect mountains of knowledge for the sake of it (1:20)
– You don’t need to learn everything to achieve your goals (2:00)
– Intellectualisation vs. actualization (2:10)
– Would you rather be right — or effective? (4:50)
– Patience, persistence and progression, Not perfection (5:40)
– Wisdom of Charlie Munger: Advice on putting your knowledge into action (6:00)
– The truth about motivational self-help books, and why they’ll never change your life (7:40)
– 4 legitimate reasons people delve into learning and mastery (13:30)
– How to have FUN – and why it’s so important! (14.45)
– How to deal with stress by ‘unplugging’ and disconnecting (17:00)
– How to become the expert who helps others fix their problems (27:40)
– An utterly brain-dead USELESS skill you need to avoid if you want to achieve any level of success or mastery (30:50)

The only thing standing between you and achieving your goals is mastery and figuring out the purpose of what YOU want to achieve.

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