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If you’ve been in business or marketing for any amount of time, you know how progress often seems to come at a snail’s pace—especially when you’re on your first business.

And it’s tiring: You see everybody around you succeed. Even people who started at the same time sometimes seem to just get ahead quicker.

This episode teaches you how to model success and use the “Leap Frog Method” to stop going from A to B to C and jump from A to Z instead.

Show highlights include:

– How parenting relates to making big progress in business. (1:45)
– Why masterminds are a great resource for surrounding yourself with successful people (you don’t need to pay $10,000 to apply this). (4:05)
– What to do once you’ve picked the right people to surround yourself with. (4:55)
– Why you don’t have to take 10 years to become successful. (6:30)
– Two people you need to go from zero to a million—fast. (6:50)
– One thing you need to get out of the way. (10:20)
– The two things an environment needs so you can grow in it. (10:30)
– What happens after you reach all your goals. (12:55)

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The marketing industry is flooded with noobs pushing half-baked tactics for a quick buck. On the flip side experienced marketers are using age old strategies that have been handed down from generation to generation and work even better today. That’s what you can bank on hearing here.

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