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When you were a child, your parents probably kept an eye on who you spent time with to make sure you don’t start life on the wrong path.

What might be a more or less fond childhood memory for you originates with a timeless truth about life: You become like the people you associate with.

In business, people tell you „your network is your net worth“ and other advice centered around meeting as many people as you can so you can extract the most value from them. This episode shows you why networking this way is fundamentally wrong and keeps you where you are instead of giving you a boost.

You’ll learn how to network instead and why spending amounts of money as high as $50,000 on the right kind of „networking“ can yield a return 10x the investment or more.

Show highlights include:

– The kind of event you’ll enjoy meeting entrepreneurs at if you’re an introvert and don’t like being in a room with 1000 people. (2:30)

– The type of event which pushes you to bring your „A-game“ every single time. (3:25)

– Why mediocre business events are toxic for your (and your business’) performance. (4:15)

– One simple rule to assess whether you’re around people who fuel your business—or drain it. (6:20)

– What kind of people you’ll meet at high-level masterminds. (6:35)

– How masterminds can transform your personal life AND your business. (8:10)

– Why the popular advice „be the dumbest guy in the room“ is wrong and reverses the purpose of business masterminds. (9:20)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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