“Get more clients with Direct Response Podcasting™”

If you want to scale your business without scaling your effort, you’ve probably run into a roadblock or two.

Maybe you had enough traffic but not enough people bought. Maybe you’ve watched your ad costs shoot higher and higher without seeing an increase in returns. Or maybe you know people would love your offer, but didn’t get enough eyeballs on it.

Whatever your situation, this episode will teach you the secret of how to get more leads AND how to turn more leads into customers.

Show highlights include:

– The two things you need to scale customer acquisition without putting in more work. (1:25)

– Avoid this common practice: Why buying tons of traffic might not be the right thing to do when you first launch. (3:05)

– What to focus on to maximize your return on your marketing dollars. (3:30)

– Two things you need to know to be able to „turn on the marketing faucet and let it crank.“ (4:00)

– Two methods you can use to prove your offer & communication before blowing your marketing budget on a dud. (4:30)

– How to start buying traffic when you have no experience (Don’t go around testing everything, everywhere). (8:15)

– The value of „copy congruency“, which even some pro’s in $10,000 masterminds get wrong sometimes. (9:45)

– When to start optimizing and utilizing your backend. (14:25)

– How OptimizedAssets creates marketing funnels from beginning to end. (15:05)

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The marketing industry is flooded with noobs pushing half-baked tactics for a quick buck. On the flip side experienced marketers are using age old strategies that have been handed down from generation to generation and work even better today. That’s what you can bank on hearing here.

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