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If you’re in online marketing, you know marketers constantly rip off each other.
Once an idea or a marketing strategy makes money in one market, competitors swarm to replicate the idea and implement it for themselves—the zero-sum game called “Funnelhacking”.

In this episode, you’ll learn why most funnelhackers aren’t successful (at least in the long-term) and how to funnelhack without being a thief.

Show highlights include:

– Creating all your marketing and tech is a waste of time if you don’t answer this question first. (starts at 2:00)
– The difference between funnelhacking and marketing (they’re not the same). (4:35)
– Why “funnel bandits” are hard to spot—and the secret sauce they’d need for long-term success. (5:05)
– The story of the worst funnel hack of all time. (6:30)
– How to build a predictable marketing machine. (9:05)
– The big problem with low-ticket funnels. (10:00)
– What to do in crowded markets where everyone screams “I’m the best!” (12:30).
– A game-changing book recommendation to transform your perspective on marketing. (13:00)
– What to wait for before you build follow-up systems, chatbots, autoresponders etc. (17:00)
– 8 software solutions to build your predictable marketing machine. (17:55)

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The marketing industry is flooded with noobs pushing half-baked tactics for a quick buck. On the flip side experienced marketers are using age old strategies that have been handed down from generation to generation and work even better today. That’s what you can bank on hearing here.

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