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Must be something in the water, because a bunch of you have taken
to writing me back.

And this makes me mad.

Why? Because this is a dictatorship and I rule from the top down.

But I have to admit, you guys are entertaining me.

So I decided to jump into the mail sack once again and do my best
“Dear Abby” impression.

First up, Rob M. – a loyal Podcast Mogul subscriber.


Just went back and read the “You made the cut ( t.dripemail2.com/c/eyJhY2NvdW50X2lkIjoiNTgyMzE3OSIsImRlbGl2ZXJ5X2lkIjoiMTAwMDE0ODY2NyIsInVybCI6Imh0dHA6Ly90aGVwb2RjYXN0ZmFjdG9yeS5jb20veW91LW1hZGUtdGhlLWN1dC8_X19zPWF5ZzNocGFxenY0ZXB4dmk4c3l2In0 )” email in full
after I read this one.

Figured if some supposed multi-millionaire, wanna be podcaster
thought it talked down to him, it must be worth reading.

It was. Enclosed in that email were at least 2 hidden tips to
making more money in any business — online or off.

Glad I read it and Glad I made the cut.

Thanks Mr. Producer.


You should listen to Rob because he obviously knows what he's
talking about.

Next up, an old friend and Podcast Mogul subscriber Morten S. al
the way from Denmark


“Do you realize..?

…that your (or any other) system can NOT register opens, if
readers turn off pictures?

By deleting non openers, you may be letting down loyal readers,
who just happen to have set the email client to not download

Some percentage of all readers do this, for various reasons
(spam, privacy, company policy, whatever…).


Keep up the good work.”


Look Morty, if some how I left a few people behind when I made
the switch, they'll just have to get their butts back on the list
by subscribing again. I've got broad shoulders, but I can't carry

Besides, don't you think if their best buddy Producer Jonathan
stops showing up to their email inbox every single night of the
year at 9:00 pm they will start to worry?

They'll send emails, call my office, and if they don't hear back
they'll likely put together a search party and bring them down to
Orlando to find their fearless leader.

Maybe they wouldn't…

But I know you would Morten.

OK, enough for that for now.

Maybe you'll get some more tomorrow.

In the meantime you should know, the next issue of my Podcast
Mogul Newsletter goes to print in two days.

Inside you're going to find out how you can leverage audio
content to get hot little leads who want to buy your stuff.
AND… you don't even need a podcast to do it.

Once you have a nice stack of hot leads we're going to tap into a
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And, now that you've got a fresh new list of customers I'm going
to give you a roadmap on how you can build your authority in your
market so you can get some more of them leads and customers.

You know you want it.

Here's where you sign up: www.PodcastMogul.com ( t.dripemail2.com/c/eyJhY2NvdW50X2lkIjoiNTgyMzE3OSIsImRlbGl2ZXJ5X2lkIjoiMTAwMDE0ODY2NyIsInVybCI6Imh0dHA6L

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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