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Imagine how great life would be if you woke up tomorrow with an extra $30k in your bank account.

Think of the Rolex watches you could buy, the investments you could make, or the boring tasks you could pay someone else to do!

That may sound like a pipe dream. But there’s nothing to stop you from having an extra $30,000 in your bank by the end of the quarter—and every month after that.

And you know what?

All you need is a handful of extra high-paying clients.

In this episode, you’ll discover 7 simple tips to realistically make $30k in the next 3 months (or less) .

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • The “choose your mountain” method that makes prospects choose you over your competitors (even if you have outrageous fees) (1:48)
  • How to maximize your business’s profit with the “reverse to do list” (2:51)
  • The wildly effective “double down plus a zero” strategy for making more money (without working harder)  (5:02)
  • An effortless weekly roadmap that attracts clients on social media with ease (8:43)
  • How to get waves of clients on autopilot by taking advantage of the “modern day billboard” opportunity (before it becomes too expensive) (11:10)
  • How to transform a boring spreadsheet into a horde of clients with one daily habit (13:44)

If you want to know how to get 50-100 leads for your coaching business every single day, head over to https://getdailyclients.com to grab our free Paid Ad Playbook, as well as some other great bonuses.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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