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The “big picture“ for success comes easily to a lot of entrepreneurs. But when they start to get into the weeds, they realize the devil is in the details. Missing one small step can often be the difference between success and failure.

But when you’ve got your head down trying to grind your way through the work, it’s easy to overlook important connections.

In this episode, Marquel and real estate investing expert Kito Johnson discuss how the right mentor can help you build generational wealth, eliminate confusion in your business, and recognize your ideal client.

Highlights from this episode include:

  • How an outside perspective can help you see the small details and save you from tanking your business (4:35)
  • Why your pricing constantly attracts the wrong clients (and how you instantly can fix it) (6:15)
  • How selling cheap products sabotages your integrity AND your customer’s chance at success (7:31)
  • The business systems that let you escape the grind and generate cash 24/7 (13:03)
  • How your passions can lead you to mind-blowing success or soul-crushing failure (13:59)

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You're listening to “The School of Client Attraction.” Marquel Russell is the founder of Client Attraction University, a marketing consultancy helping you attract clients on autopilot and scale your business while working 50% less.

Quick disclaimer: a side effect of listening to the show is more clients, more profits, more freedom, and it's more impact in your business. Now, here's your host, Marquel Russell.

Marquel: Hey, what’s up, my friend? It’s Marquel Russell here and welcome to this really cool interview. I have the honor and privilege to have the great Kito Johnson here with me and there’s probably a good chance you already know who Kito is, a phenomenal real estate mogul doing some really big deals all across the globe. If it comes to real estate, people know Kito’s name. Especially in the southeast region, they probably know Kito. If not, I would question if they're really official, to be honest with you. [01:03.6]
Kito, first off, man, thank you so much for taking some time out of your busy schedule to hop on with me, bro.

Kito: Sure thing, Marquel, It's a pleasure and my honor and blessing to be here. Thanks so much.

Marquel: Man, you’ve obviously been crushing it in your primary business and been doing well on the coaching side as well and dialing things in, and we're implementing a lot of cool stuff with that in your coaching business. I'm excited to see the results you've had. Even the video I liked. I watched the video you sent me from the beach several times because that's really what it's all about, having the lifestyle and the business, and the revenue and all that good stuff coming in here.

Before we actually dive into the steps you’ve taken so far, tell the people watching why you’re actually even doing this business stuff. Obviously, this business stuff, everybody wants to be an entrepreneur these days, right? It's the cool thing. It's kind of like when we used to want to be an athlete growing up. Everybody wants to be an entrepreneur. Why are you even on this entrepreneurial journey?

Kito: Because I’ve really wholeheartedly believed that it's my calling. It's my calling and I talk, I'm real estate is my thing, but the real goal behind everything I do is generational wealth and not just creating it for myself or for my family, but I feel that I'm called to assist other people in reaching those goals as well. [02:16.2]

I enjoy what I do every day and I wholeheartedly believe that has to do with the assurance that I know that I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing, what I’ve been placed here on earth to do.

Marquel: Nice. Nice. Also, let's talk. Before actually joining in the program, we've been working together for a relatively short period of time. Before joining the program, what were you already doing online? What kind of maybe potential frustrations were you dealing with trying to figure this stuff out and what were you already up to?

Kito: Okay. I mean, I had done some online courses and I was creating content or at least focused on creating content to build an audience and things of that nature. I’ve been in the real estate industry for a number of years, but the online piece of what I do is still relatively new, three to four years in. [03:09.8]

I was creating content to build an audience and, in the process of building an audience, along the way, get valuable resources to individuals who were looking to learn the real estate investment space. I created books and e-books, and short courses to long courses, all in an effort to create a funnel to get a person to the end goal, which is becoming a real estate investor.

Marquel: Got it. How are things going? How was that process going versus differently from what we're up to now, and what has kind of been that whole process? Because I know we’ve kind of had some conversation sidebar about it. How was that whole process coming along? I know you said a funnel and so forth, so how was that whole process? Kind of what's been the transition? How has it helped so far? [04:00.0]

Kito: That process was good and it had its place in everything and in our past, right? Helped to create us and make us who we are today, so it's all necessary. What I understood over time and really became clear after meeting you was that all the little bitty steps to lead to this, to lead to that, to lead to that, to lead to that, to ultimately lead to what is really going to bring transformation, all those little things got tiring to me, trying to figure out what to do next, to get them here, to get the potential client to here to here.

Then I met you and you said, “Why are you doing all that stuff? Right? Determine who your ideal client is. Create marketing to go after that ideal client. Set your price point, so that your ideal client knows what that is upfront and, quite honestly, for what you're really worth, what you're providing, if they don't have the resources to jump in, then they probably aren't your ideal client,” and you helped me understand that. [05:07.2]

I think one of the biggest things, it just became clear, especially in my industry, right? I'm training real estate investors and real estate investors, at least with the strategies that I teach, you're going to need access to some cash. If there's a struggle paying me what I'm worth to give you the information to get you to the generational wealth, that's going to pay you month after month after month, and ultimately pay your children and your children's children, then you're not really my ideal client anyway. Right? I did not really wholeheartedly understand that until having met you and come through your Client Attraction University.

Marquel: Cool. My first question, I totally get it, bro. For me, my similar story was I kind of got started. I kind of came up in the network marketing industry, so my first teaching online side of things was teaching network marketers, and then I was teaching network marketers how to get leads, how to recruit people online for the network marketing business. Then I got to like, Um, I don't think I want to work with network marketers anymore. [06:07.1]

Then I got into teaching how to start an online business, and obviously starting the online business can be super broad because it could mean anything, so I just thought I’d attract just an endless amount of all different types of people, and then I just started to narrow it down, narrow down, narrow down, and then was like, Oh wow, I can actually just target and work with exactly who I want to work with. Even though it was a pocket, right, there was an endless amount of that specific pocket and I could just work with people who I enjoyed working with and who I could serve at the highest level, so that was a total game changer.

Kito: Yeah, absolutely. I had this conversation with you I think several times about the grind, right? I understand the grind and I believe in it. I think it's necessary. However, I’ve been grinding in this industry for over 20 years and it just became a task for me, trying to figure out what to do next to lead a person to this next step, to this next step, and I had never heard anybody say it. [07:12.2]

You said, if you're leading a person to this small product to ultimately go to this next product, if you know that small product is not going to get them the transformation they're looking for, then are you in integrity selling them something that is not going to work anyway?

Marquel: Right.

Kito: And I had never heard anyone say that before out of all the marketing trainings I’ve been to, out of all the coaching programs. I mean, hundreds of thousands of dollars in coaching programs. Never heard anybody say that and it's just been transformational for me just walking with you these last short few months.

Marquel: For sure. For sure. Definitely. Appreciate it, man. Yeah, we're just getting started, which is really cool.

Kito: Yeah.

Marquel: Let me ask you this. Do you remember how you initially found me? How did we initially connect? Was it an event or was it online? How did we initially get connected? [08:04.5]

Kito: Initially…I didn't realize until later, right? After we met at an event where you were speaking, I think it was after the event we were talking and you reminded me that we had spoken a year or so ago. Someone referred you to me for some coaching, for some copy and some things like that, but I didn't put the two together until you reminded me. That's how we initially connected with that referral I guess two years or so ago now.

Marquel: Yeah. It’s crazy it just came back full circle, right?

Kito: Came back full circle, yeah, and it's funny because when I saw you at the event where we ultimately talked again and I had him put some clips on Instagram. One of my, one of my buddies, one of my mentees said, “Is that the gold teeth guy?” and I was like, Yeah. He said, “Man, I love him.” I was like, How do Marquel? You didn't put me on before now. [09:01.6]

Marquel: Good stuff. Good stuff. The gold teeth guy. I like it. I like it. Let me ask you this. What made you actually don't enroll in the program? Obviously, it's a decent investment. What actually made you decide to take the plunge?

Kito: It just made sense. I mean, again, I’ve been around, right? I've heard a lot. I’ve invested in a lot, and a lot of what we hear is just regurgitating information. You were the first person, like I said earlier, that you just gave me a different perspective on my business, and there was something that I knew that you had something that I needed and that it only made sense to connect with you. When I came after meeting you that day and you spoke on stage, and then I signed up for one of your events, I knew that whatever you were offering at the end, it really didn't matter how much it was, I knew that I was going to be involved because I just sense that connection from the very beginning. [10:03.9]

Marquel: Got it. Definitely appreciate that. Definitely appreciate that. I appreciate that. Let me ask you this. Let's talk about some of the steps that you've taken so far to create that momentum that you've already created, and we can talk about some results and so forth as well. But what would you say? Because I know people who are listening are like, All right, what are some of the action steps? Because a lot of cool stuff has been [happening].

First of all, let's talk about some of the results you've had since us working together in a short period of time and then we'll get into the steps of how you’ve got to those results. What are some of the results so far, as much as you're open to share?

Marquel: Okay. I clarified my system, right? I've been told for years, Kito, you need a coaching program. Kito, everything you do in real estate folks want to know. I’ve kind of known that, but I’ve had some challenge along the way with crafting or creating a program that made sense for me and the mentee. Right? The very first thing that I was able to do was to clarify what my program looked like and how I would walk a person from point A to point B, and as my program teaches ultimately, within six months, how you get a person from a non-investor to becoming a full-fledged real estate investor with at least one cash flow in rental property. [11:15.0]

So, I put that system together. I crafted out what that group coaching program looked like, so that was the first thing. Then to jump in and place, get in the Facebook game, writing and get our ads running, and what it looked like to create an ad that made sense that attracted folks, that folks would actually watch and then click, to be able to do that, I'd paid thousands of dollars in the past for folks to help me run ads that ultimately got zero results.

From right out the gate, placing my ads the way you taught me to do it began to get immediate results. Then, after getting those ads running and taking calls with the initial individuals who were interested in the program after seeing the ad just a couple of weeks into the program, that's when I made that video from the beach. [12:12.1]

Kind of had everything on autopilot, the way you showed me how to do it, and I'm literally at the beach with my children. My son graduated high school. My daughter was celebrating her birthday and took a family trip. While at the beach, I get a ding on my phone as somebody has scheduled a call. The next thing on my phone, somebody has enrolled.

At the time I’d made that video, I was talking about how, from the beach, I had made two sales, $14,000 in revenue. I kind of recorded that video prematurely, right? I should have waited two more days because two days later the third sale came in, so $21,000 in revenue in an extremely short period of time, and might I add, with very, very little work on my part. So, it has just been phenomenal results. [13:05.4]

Marquel: I love it. What were some of the steps? Okay, like you said, we launched the ads.

Kito: Yeah.

Marquel: We actually covered all of it. You actually answered them at the same time. We dialed in your system and what you offer was going to look like, got the pricing together. We launched the ads. You started taking some initial calls.

Kito: Yes.

Marquel: And then I know you brought on somebody to start taking some calls.

Kito: Yes.

Marquel: Got some calls going, made some tweaks there and then you started crushing it, and now you're servicing your clients and we’ve got the system dialed in, and now we're just going to continue to refine it until we’ve got this up.

Kito: Absolutely. Yep, absolutely, and I'm clear on what my highest and best use is and what I'm passionate about, and I'm passionate about the coaching aspect of what I do. I'm passionate about seeing results and getting transformation, and seeing transformation in people.

You show me how to make the system work for me and how to do what I'm most passionate about and the things that I'm not passionate about, how to put somebody in place to do those things. That's exactly what I’ve done. [14:07.4]

At this point, really, the only thing I knew once a person's enrolled, see, everything leading up to the enrollment because the grunt work is done, right? The heavy lifting is done. The system is in place. So, everything leading up to the actual enrollment, the system does it for me, right? Then I hop on the phone after somebody joins and has paid, and at that point, I'm welcoming them to the program, giving them a high-level overview and letting them know when to fall into the next group coaching call.

Marquel: Nice. So, you're talking to them after they’ve already paid.

Kito: Yeah, absolutely. Yes.

Marquel: Good stuff. I won't keep you much longer Kito, man. If you have to say one thing to the audience about the whole process and about this journey so far, and we’re just really getting started, what would you have to say to them?

Kito: I would say jump in. If there's any part of you that senses a connection with Marquel, with the Client Attraction University, if there's any part of you that senses a connection, then ignore everything else. Jump in and just follow the system. [15:13.2]

Plug into the system. Plug into the team members that Marquel has around him because Marquel is amazing and his team is just as amazing. They all have his spirit. His spirit is one that wants everybody to win, does a whole back, gives you everything that he has every time he gets in front of you. Whether it's on a call, one on one or a group coaching environment, it's very clear, and I knew it from day one that Marquel wants me to win and I'm glad I'm on the winning team with him.

Marquel: First off, man, I appreciate you so much. I know you’ve been having a lot happening, man, so I definitely appreciate you carving out some time to hop on with me this morning.

Kito: Sure thing. Again, it's my honor. I'm so, so thankful for the opportunity and thankful for you.

Marquel: Cool, man. I appreciate you. Likewise, man. [16:00.5]

So, if you’re watching right now and you're a coach or consultant servicing somebody and you want to package it up, create a high-ticket coaching program or you want to get more clients and automate the whole process so you can have more time for your life and less grunt work in your business, click the link or the button around here somewhere on this page.
You can get more details about how we can potentially work together, and if we feel that we can help you, we can talk about some options, and if not, that's totally cool as well.

Either way, we appreciate you checking out this interview, and until the next one, have a phenomenal day because you absolutely deserve it. Talk to you soon.

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