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Many entrepreneurs think the only way to succeed in business is to hustle and grind 24/7. However, instead of being rich and relaxed, they find themselves broke and beaten down.

The key is to spend more time working on the most profitable areas of your business. Don’t know how to find them? The right coach can help you figure it out.

In this episode, Marquel and author Taurea discuss how to work less and make more, maximize the value you get from your coach, and automate your way to life-changing business.

Highlights from this episode include:

  • How writing a book can open doors that were previously closed to you (2:20)
  • Why being a “try-preneur “ is a sure path to failure (4:04)
  • The surprising reason working less makes leads to more cash in your pocket (7:10)
  • Why MLMs get marketing completely wrong (10:01)
  • A counterintuitive personality trait that leads to next-level business success (11:09)
  • The simple, two-step success formula for squeezing every bit of value from your coach (12:53)
  • How to move from the 24/7 hustle and grind to the place where you can work when and how you want (17:54)
  • The odd way a lower ad spend can generate massive returns (18:31)
  • How to fine-tune your marketing so that it does all the selling for you (21:15)
  • The #1 marketing mistake that sends clients running for the hills (26:40)

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You're listening to “The School of Client Attraction.” Marquel Russell is the founder of Client Attraction University, a marketing consultancy helping you attract clients on autopilot and scale your business while working 50% less.

Quick disclaimer: a side effect of listening to the show is more clients, more profits, more freedom, and it's more impact in your business. Now, here's your host, Marquel Russell.

Marquel: What’s up, everybody? It is I, Marquel Russell here. I’ve got my guy, Wes Walters, in the cockpit with me, and we have “the” great, the G.O.A.T, Taurea Avant out of Houston. You're in Houston, right? Houston.

Taurea: {Laughing}

Marquel: Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. First off, before we dive into it, appreciate your taking some time out of your busy schedule to hop on with me. I know you're building an empire over there. You’ve got a lot of really cool things happening, working with a lot of cool clients, so I appreciate your carving out some time to hop on with us. [01:01.0]

Taurea: Thank you so much for having me. Any time that you need me, I promise you I'm going to make myself available. It's truly an honor to be able to work with you and to get the results that we're getting.

Marquel: Excellent. Excellent. Excellent. Thank you so much. First off, for everybody who's listening, tell everybody who you are in your own words, those who are living under a rock and don't know who Taurea Avant is.

Taurea: First of all, I'm a beautiful black woman. How you doing? Okay. No, thank you, guys. Thank you, all right. But I am a speaker and a coach. I specifically work with other speakers and coaches, and even those in the network marketing world, who really want to learn how to take their business to another level by specifically with the right tools, and the first tool is writing a book.

I believe that anyone that's a speaker or coach to be an author, but of the right book, so we help you to construct a book that is designed to sell and then build to multiple streams of income. I got into that because I was in network marketing years ago and there was a large population and there still is a large population who don't really see that as a real business, and so I needed to figure out a way that people would respect me and listen. [02:06.5]

When I wrote my first book, it was like nobody ever questioned if I really made six figures, nobody, because I wrote it in the book. I saw how the doors opened up. I decided to leave the industry and become a full-time coach in the space back in 2014 and I’ve been doing it ever since.

Marquel: For sure. Having a book is definitely a game changer. You don't have to say anything. They're like, She's an author, he's an author, and you're like, What? Total, total -

Taurea: Right.

Marquel: - total game changer. Total game changer. Cool. First off, obviously you're crushing it, absolutely crushing in a unique way, super proud of the work you're doing and I'm honored to actually be able to work with you in this capacity as well. You're absolutely crushing it. Before we actually get into the results, the step by step of exactly how you made it happen and we get into the nitty gritty, tell the people watching why you’re even doing this. Why are you even on this entrepreneurial journey? Because we already know it's not for the faint of heart, so why are you even on this journey? [03:04.9]

Taurea: It’s a really deep story for me. My mom, when I was 11 years old, she passed away from cirrhosis of the liver. If anybody knows what that is, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Then I moved in with my pops and my pops was a big techie. Now, I'm still a techie at heart, but I saw him just work so hard and he was diagnosed with cancer in 2006.

What happened was during that process of watching him go through cancer, I just really saw how it was a lot based on the conversations we were having what he wished he would have done, but he always had a heart to help people and I kind of saw myself going down that path. I would try all these things, Marquel. I was a professional tryprenuer. I was trying everything, okay? Knives, vacuum cleaners. I was a bail bondsman, insurance, door to door, all types of stuff. And so, I was always trying things, but it wasn't until he passed away and there was this part at my father's funeral. [04:06.2]

He wanted to be cremated and we were in New Jersey,and there was this guy from India, and when everybody walks around and gives the family their condolences and he was walking out…and I could see there was this kind of border corridor that was there and you could see everybody's seat, and as he was walking out, the man fell to his knees and I was just like, Whoa. In my heart, I was like, I don't even know if my dad knew how he impacted people just by being himself, and so, for me, I didn't want to question it, you know what I'm saying? I don't want to leave this world questioning if I impacted somebody.

So, I go hard and I don't play around with what I do, but for me I want, and this may sound crazy, but I want thousands and thousands and thousands to mourn me because of how I impacted them. I know that I’m going to impact millions, but I'm talking about when they had that special thing where it's to the point where the funeral will be hours and hours, you know what I mean? That for me is what gets me going every single day and I get tingles every time I think about that story. [05:13.3]

So, that's why I got into this. It's not for the faint of heart. There have been times where I was just like…and then I just think about my father and then think about those stories. I keep a picture of both my mom and dad all the time so I could see them. Then God also blessed me with another mom. Before my dad passed, he had another woman that he was with, so I want to be able to do some great things for her as well.

Marquel: That's really dope. I'm always interested in the story, right, why this entrepreneur stuff is here. I'm even like that with rap music. I hear a rapper and they’re talking about all this. I'm like, I want to hear this story because this guy here is just rapping and is there some story tied to this? I'm always interested in the story, which is awesome. That's why I like a lot of biographies and stuff like that as well, and so now I'm curious. Obviously, you've been crushing it online. You've been already doing amazingly well before we even connected. [06:02.7]

What was life before we actually crossed paths and you decided to work with us? What did business and life look like? What were you already doing online? What was working? What was frustrating about what you were doing online? Kind of bring us up to through that whole process.

Taurea: Listen, Marquel, the hustle is real. You know coming from the world of network marketing, we pride ourselves on don’t sleep.

Marquel: Absolutely.

Taurea: You can sleep when you die. Grind, grind, grind. And so, I took that same mentality from... I mean, we were doing workshops. There were home presentations every single day, conference calls all day long. I took that same mentality and put it into my coaching, and so, for me, I was doing multiple workshops throughout the month. I felt I had to be broadcasting all day, every day. I had to be doing calls all day, every day. That was the mentality, so my grind was crazy. Listen, I didn't have no time and it almost got to the point where it became a little draining to do what I was doing. [07:04.4]

I didn't have enough time to actually impact people because I was so busy trying to get in front of people. I mean, to the point, Marquel, let me be real, I met you, when did we meet? A couple years ago? But you've been living in Atlanta. We’ve known some of the same circles. I'm like, Bro, I'm just now getting a chance to meet him because I didn't have time to go to people's events. I didn't have time to meet other new people. I was on the hustle. So, I’ve been starting to have the change for real.

Marquel: Got it, got it. You were doing a lot of workshops and live events. I know I got to attend one of your events before all this craziness happened. Your main model was event, live event to offer. Was that kind of the model before?

Taurea: No, that event you went to, that was for my nonprofit, so that's totally different, but I was doing library meetings, workshops, straight up Eventbrite, learn how to write a book, come to the library, and I was making my offer right there. So, straight up, many people that were coming, this might have been their first time ever meeting me, and so I was still making $2,000-offers, but, of course, my closing ratio wasn't as high because people weren’t really prepared. [08:10.5]

I traveled. I went on a whole travel all up and down New Jersey, Maryland, North Carolina. That was out of control, okay. It’s a lot of money doing that. I think as soon as I made money from an event, then I had to take all that money and invest it into the next location, so it was just hustling backwards, for real. That's how I felt. And so, it was a heavy grind. Heavy grind.

Marquel: For sure. I totally get it because I know for me, like you said, you kind of got that routine of ongoing hustle, so when I came from network marketing, it was all meeting every day, dialing for dollars, hitting your list, and then I took that online and it was post, DM as many people as possible until Facebook ads.

Taurea: That’s right. I was messaging 50 people a day. I forgot about that, too.

Marquel: Yeah, and that was marketing. That's what we called marketing. It was DM-ing 5,200 people a day, as many as we can get out. [09:05.6]

Then, I started learning a little bit of internet marketing, so I was creating three or four pieces of content every single day, trying to drive back links to it, so we could rank on the Google, the SEO, doing all that, posting like crazy, and it was maddening. Before I couldn't go live, doing that like crazy, so it was a never-ending hustle. And the crazy thing is once I removed myself from it and I was making more money from less work, at some point, a part of me felt guilty. It was like, Dang, I made this while only doing this. Was this a mistake? Shit, I feel bad because I wasn't hustling and grinding for this thing, you know what I'm saying? Does that make sense?

Taurea: No, absolutely. Listen, I don't miss it. I mean, I don’t miss not having to message 50 people a day. Literally, people would leave me unread. I messaged people so much, they’d be like, That… Yes, the hustle was real. I forget. [10:02.8]

Sometimes, you know what, Marquel, what's funny is I didn't even think to talk about that because it became such a routine, you didn’t even think about it. You know what I mean? All I'm thinking about is the workshops and that's, honestly, the final thing. That's the end in mind. Your goal is to hustle to get to the workshop, but you don't even think about all the stuff that you do in between that to get to the workshop.

Marquel: Absolutely, a hundred percent. I guess my next question is what actually attracted you to me for us to work together? Obviously, as you know, it's a decent investment. What actually attracted you to me and what made you say, All right, I'm going to take the plunge anyway?

Taurea: All right, so a couple of things. Number one, I like your personality. I like your humility and that connects with me more than ever. I always tell people, in order to coach in this space, you’ve got to be yourself, and I love the fact that you are yourself. That's why. And I think with getting to know me, you know I can get on line and cut up, and I'm just always myself. It's one of the most freeing moments when you can just be okay with being who you are and know that you are good enough to attract who you're supposed to attract, right? [11:08.7]

So, that was one thing that connected me to you, but then you got online and was showing us a little du-du-du. I was like, Okay, he knows what he’s doing. He really knows. And so, it was that, and then the fact that your ad kept popping up. Over and over and over again, your ad keeps popping up, so to me you're not just talking the talk, you're walking the walk and that makes a big difference. I know a lot of people in the ad space, but their ad did not show up the way your ad shows up.
My other coach called me one day and was like, Yo, you need to get some automation. I was like, Well, I already know the guy. Let me go ahead and hit him up, and let's get rocking and rolling. And you had your three-day event coming up literally that weekend, and so it worked out right on time.

Marquel: Yeah. Now, here’s a common thing that I hear and Wes would probably agree with me as well. I know you agree with me. I probably shouldn't say I know he’ll agree with me. [12:00.0]

A common thing that I hear, especially with interviews when I'm interviewing dope entrepreneurs, when I'm speaking to dope entrepreneurs, like you said something critical that I hear all the time. You said, “One of my coaches told me to do XYZ.” Two common things that I see entrepreneurs are really crushing it. Specifically coaches and consultants, they have coaches and consultants, and many times they have multiple coaches and consultants, right? And this is just me, but how can you even be a coach and you don't have a coach, you're only limited on understanding?

The second thing I heard you say is that “My coach told me that I should do this and then I did it,” you know what I'm saying? Not “I thought about it for a minute. I prayed about it. I said, ‘Can I do it this way?’ ” You said that “My coach told me I should do this and then I did it,” and that's the common thing that I hear over and over and over again with entrepreneurs who really play at a high level. They know they're dope at what they do, but they say, Okay, I know I'm dope at what I do, however, I know what I don't know also and I know what I don't know. Right? I don't know what I don't know and so forth, right? So, they're like, Let me get outside of myself. Would you agree, Wes? Would you agree as well, Taurea? [13:12.1]

Wes: I totally agree, man. I totally agree. Once you have that relationship with that coach, it's almost that you have to have what some of my mentors used to call a “neck-down personality” where I don't want you to think about it. Just do what I tell you. Do what I tell you to do. In Hustle University, it says you’ve got to be willing to empty your cup so that someone can pour into you.

Marquel: A hundred percent, and that’s the common… That’s what I want to make right. Go ahead, Taurea.

Taurea: Yeah, Marquel, I used to always say this because I took that mentality from also the industry. I used to have a coach. He has gone on to pass on, God rest his soul, but he would call me sometimes and with the craziest stuff to do. It’d be 12 o'clock at night to hustle you up until 3:00 AM at least in network marketing. [14:02.8]

He would call me at 12:00. “Taurea, I need you to do XYZ that’s in that.” Without thinking or wondering or figuring it out, I would do it, and I used to get in front of people and tell everybody, I’d said, “Look, let me tell you how I am connected to my coach and my coach tells me, Taurea, I want you to stand up, turn 20 degrees and run full speed ahead, I'm going to do it. I'm not going to look at the fact there’s a wall right there because I have decided that I trust him.” That wall must be about to move or something because he would never tell me to do something that's purposefully going to hurt me, and I think in the coaching world, we think this is somebody who is giving me a suggestion. No, that's not a coach. That's just somebody giving you some ideas.

Also, the final thing I want to say, with the coaching world, too, you're not supposed to agree with your coach. That's why you have them.

Marquel: Exactly.

Taurea: No, it definitely helped me and, listen, you’ve got some things that you teach in your seven-figure mastermind, what y'all were talking about today, and I was like, Let me get my life in order, because it's not always just about doing the work and, like you said, having your biology match up with even the knowledge. I have so much more that I need to do to get to the level that I know that I want to be in, and so I'm willing to listen and follow instructions. [15:20.6]

Marquel: A hundred percent. That's it. That's how you’ve really got to be. That's literally how you’ve got to be. I mean, I was telling y'all even on the mastermind call earlier, I'm working with a trainer/fitness coach and I feel like he gives me workouts just to see where I'm going to break, because some of the stuff he gives me is ridiculous. I'm like, Bro, where did you come up with this? But I just do it anyway.

Somebody was at the gym the other day and she was like, Are you just an ideal client? And he was like, Yeah, he wanted the results. I'm like, Nah, bro, you just give me the results. I'm going to do it. I may ask some questions just for clarity, but I ain't going to be lying, nah, I ain’t doing that, bro. You know what I'm saying? Even the stuff I hate, I’m like, All right, here goes. [16:06.0]

Taurea: Yeah.

Marquel: Let's talk about what's going on now. We're going to get into the how, what's going on now and then the how and all that good stuff, and we'll open up for questions also. Obviously, the method of building a business before was hustling 24/7, workshop, grind, grind, grind. What's different now in how your business is going, in a very short period of time actually?

Taurea: Very, very short period of time, and, honestly, Lord, if we weren’t be in the position that we're in now, it was like I was forced to make this happen because I can't do workshops right now. Thank the Lord that this was presented to me at the time it was.

My days really consist of doing now, listen, it's crazy, like you said, I feel guilty because sometimes, like the other day, I did four calls and I’ve got my discovery sessions down so good where literally I'm on the call for 15 minutes, and after those four, I closed three clients. And so, it’s like something is not right. This don't feel right. It’s to the point where I'm trying to figure out what else to do with myself. [17:13.2]

The blessing is I’ve been able to kind of reposition myself to work on more things personally, but I'm definitely not overworked, definitely not overworked. And guess what, Marquel? It’s to the point where if I can say this, I'm feeling myself a little bit so much to the point where I'm ready to increase my prices just so, just because I can, you know what I mean? There used to be a point where I needed to have that sale. The more that I was working, I found myself in a position where I needed the sale in order to be able to pay this, but now it's kind of like, I feel I'm really working with them. It's going to be $12,000 or $13,000, you know what I mean? You can just increase your price because you just can do that. I'm just thankful. I wish I wouldn't have taken so long. I really wish I wouldn’t have.

Marquel: Good stuff, good stuff. I know a lot of people want to know, all right, I know you're talking about how you’ve invested $625, because a lot of people think if you're going to get into ads, you’ve got to have a huge budget and you’ve got to spend all this money, right? [18:09.8]

And so, you invested $625, I think, over 30 days and made $32,000. Let's talk about that. For those who are listening, all right, how exactly did you do this, Taurea? Kind of give them some insight. What does that process look like? How can they do it? Let's kind of talk them through that.

Taurea: Okay, you gave us the whole blueprint, right? Basically, the ads that I have are a talking head ad, okay? You simply just go to ABookIn30Days.com and it's a shorter video and then they submit their email, and then it goes to a longer extended one. Right? But now they're added to an email list using ActiveCampaign and, in that, they start getting all these emails to the point where somebody messaged me the other day and was like, Yo, the only person that sends more emails than you is Marquel. I took that as a compliment. [19:00.6]

Listen, what then you're going to do is you're not going to forget about me, okay? You're going to get some emails. You're going to get some text messages. We’ve got to make sure, right? So, you get inundated honestly with emails, utilizing that layout that you gave to us.

Now, this is the thing. Once they go to that other page, then they're given the opportunity to schedule a session, right? And we use, of course, the tool for scheduling the sessions. Now, what I did was I also put them into a separate list. Once they scheduled their session, it took them out of the interested into more of a now qualified, so they’d get a separate set of emails that I’ve created. Right?

I also set it to that you cannot schedule a call tomorrow. I need you to have a little bit of time, so that you can start getting those emails from me and reminders, so I like to give it a little bit of time before you can schedule the call to get on the line. [20:02.4]

You'll get probably at least three email reminders and two text messages. Once up, we'll do a reminder text as well, so I can send them reminder text messages, and then I have an assistant that will also kind of remind them on the day of like, Hey, what's going on? and so, now the chances of them showing up, it increases.

But another thing that I have added in as well is a little bit longer, detailed presentation. Once they've scheduled the call, then I kind of give them this more detailed one that's about 30 to 45 minutes, and it's almost the same thing, but it's just a little bit more broken down and it kind of gives them an idea of what to expect as far as investing. Right? They know, because one of the things I always say is this ain't going to be cheap, right? So, they know that there's going to be an investment involved and it's not going to be a $100 investment. So, that I truly believe is the reason why that by the time they’ve scheduled that call and they get on the call, they're ready to rock and roll. [21:01.4]

For me, that's been working and I’ve really just kind of duplicated the way that you do your models with my program. I'm always teaching people like, Y’all ain't got to reinvent the wheel. You get a coach that's winning in their space, right, that can help you to win where you need to, and just kind of duplicate it with your product or your service. So, now we do a three-day event you do and, in the three-day event, we're going to offer the few people that are qualified the opportunity to upgrade to the mastermind, which is my five-figure program.

Literally, my days right now, they just consist of max…I don't like to do more than four to six one-on-one sessions or discovery sessions, the 15-minute calls. I don't like to do more than six in a day, so we knock out six, 15, 30 minutes max. And then, the other times, what I was on right before I got on here was a one-on-one with one of my mastermind clients, my higher-ticket clients, where we were going through her presentation.

So, really, my days consist of my higher-ticket clients and then we have our three-day weekend every six to eight weeks. [22:06.0]

Marquel: Nice, and you're not even worried about where your next lead is going to come from. That’s all just happening. Why? Because in my mind, I’m like, All right, six calls, about 15 minutes a call, that's 90 minutes of work of calls, and then you're just working with your ideal clients that other time, and then you’re just doing videos where you're dancing on social media.

Taurea: Yeah, other than that I get up there with my wine and people get up because of that. Why is it? That’s it. That’s my dance.

Marquel: You're just chilling.

Taurea: Like, What time is it? Is it one o’clock yet?

Marquel: You're chilling and the counter gets fueled up in the process. I love it. I love it.
Everybody, if you watch it, I'm not sure they’re dropping questions in here or not, Wes. If y'all got any questions, drop them in the chat. If y’all got any questions for Taurea, if you’ve got questions for Taurea that you want to unpack, feel free to drop it in, because she just talked about her essentially few-hour work day and how she… [23:04.6]
Question. Wes, you’ve got any questions, bro, while we were looking at that?

Wes: No questions. No questions, but what came up, what came to mind as she was speaking is a couple of years ago, I saw an interview with Puffy. This was years ago and he said, “I don't need to reinvent the wheel. I just look at Russell Simmons, and whatever he does, I do. He comes out with a magazine, I get a magazine. He got clothing…” That's where Sean John came from because Russell had an effect for him. He was like, Russell got clothing, I'm doing clothes. It's like people think that you’ve got to be so groundbreaking, and you’ve got to be ahead and forward thinking. Nah, just find someone in that space that is crushing it and duplicate what they do.

Marquel: Bottom line.

Taurea: True. And can I say? One of the things I'm going to say that I learned as well with working with you that has also given me confirmation, we’ve got to stop trying to be so deep. People just want one specific result. When I think about what you do, you help people to do ads. [24:03.0]

Now, let's be real. You do way more than that, but if somebody was to say, I need to get more exposure. I know exactly where you need to go. This is the one specific result that he can do, and I can explain that. I think some of the biggest challenges that many people have in the coaching space is we're trying to be too general or trying to be too deep, or we don't have a specific audience, and so I think that for many of us, until we figure that out, it can be difficult to kind of connect all of this.

But, literally, you could create a whole business of…I'm trying to think of the weirdest, starting scrapbooking. That could be your exact result. I help people to start scrapbooking whatever and that's what you teach them, and then you connect the dots. That's how I was able to understand, Okay, I need to get with the Client Attraction University because I help speakers and coaches write books. Now I need to get that exposure. And I think that's what's going to help us to really be able to get in front of the right people that you know who you're looking for and exactly that final result that you offer. [25:04.7]

Marquel: A hundred percent, totally. I mean, great point, great point, because I was on the interview with my guy, David, this morning. He had his morning call that he does and basically one of the guys was like, Hey, man, Marquel, I help entrepreneurs create strategic content, so that they can blah, blah, blah. He explained it for 45 seconds or whatever and he was like, How do I put it out there because I feel like I'm selling an intangible? How do I make it tangible?

And I was like, First of all, bro, David just read off your question 90 seconds ago and I already forgot what you did, not even intentionally. I just already forgot. I'm like, The biggest thing is you're selling the tangible. You're selling the intangible. So, people don't want to create content, you know what I'm saying? They don't. They're not tossing and turning at night saying, Oh my God, I’ve got to figure out how to create content. Oh my God, I’ve got to figure out how to create content. Now they're figuring out, How do I get more clients? So, what if you just shifted to I help entrepreneurs create content that attracts more clients? Now people can say, This is what the guy does. This is what I'm paying for. [26:11.5]

That's totally spot on. Because a lot of people want to jump right into ads and they're wondering just trying to figure out, Why don’t my ads work? Why don’t my ads work? And it's typically 99.9% of the time is the messaging.

Taurea: It's the messaging, absolutely. If they can’t connect with you, then they're not… And I always like to say, too, think about yourself. What was it that you were going through? That's why I like to phone network marketers, because I was in network remarketing and I got disrespected.

Man, just let me tell you the reason why I wrote a book, because I sat down with this lawyer and he was telling me he just made a partner and he was like, So what are you doing? I was like, Well, I'm still up for coffee. He was like, Oh, get you another coffee then? I was like, No, no, no, I’m in this company, and he was like…and I was like, Oh, you don't respect me. So, in my mind, I’m going to write a book so you can respect me as an authority figure. I knew exactly I wasn't just writing a book to write a biography. I didn't even care about selling the books. I just wanted to have a book, so I could give it to you and show you that I am the business, you know what I mean? [27:14.4]

And so, I think a lot of times we try to get too deep with all that stuff and we end up not connecting with anyone, and that's, honestly, the only way that my ads are converting, because I know that, like you said, the messaging, and I love that you help us with even… Once we know who we serve, you even help us to better construct the messaging to connect with them, but if you didn't know who I served, you wouldn't even know how to help me with putting the messaging together.

Marquel: Cool. A couple of more questions. I don’t want to take up a lot more time, so my next question is how do you feel about your results so far? I mean, which is probably a crazy question. But most importantly, how do you feel this creates a ripple effect for the rest of your life?

Taurea: That's it. Let me tell you something. First of all, for me, I'd never make an investment into anything without expecting greatness. I think a lot of the times we invest and say, Well, let me see how it's going to happen. I knew that when I made this investment, it was going to work out, so I'm just grateful for that. Thank you, Lord. [28:11.6]

Marquel: Sure.

Taurea: The biggest lesson is now I can put my people on to something that works, too, and that for me, I have seen people like you've got some success stories. I'm just tingling thinking about some of the people that I’m like, Okay, she’s selling out, right? To me, that's the biggest lesson that I think as a community, one of the things we have to learn how to do, because what some people will try to do, Marquel, is they say, I'm going to learn what he's teaching and I'm going to try to teach the same thing, but that's not my space.

So, in my space, I'm thankful that now I have a whole community of people that I can connect my people to to go to another level and this is how we build a stronger foundation in our own community, so that we can continue to grow. And so, I'm thankful for that that I don't have to try to be the end all, be all. I'm thankful my business is growing, but now I can also put other people on, so that they can grow, too. So, to me, that has been the biggest lesson. I love waking up and seeing Tammy, every time she turns around, her class is sold out, you know what I'm saying? That's huge. [29:10.2]

Marquel: And big shout out to you as well because I think I don't know anybody else who refers more people to us than Taurea. Taurea definitely says, Ay, go check Marquel Russell out and that's big volume because your face card and your brand is like you put that at stake, you know what I'm saying? For you to co-sign somebody, I mean, that definitely speaks volumes, for sure, because obviously we know, especially in our space, we can't just be out here just referring just anybody because you could be really bad.

Taurea: Exactly, they do care for who is out there. Yes, indeed.

Marquel: A hundred percent. Last question, and if y'all got any questions, if y'all are listening to this and y'all got questions, drop them in the chat. Any questions came to you, Wes?

Wes: Joel sent a question to me. I told them I’ll reach out to him after the call.

Marquel: All right, cool. So, maybe y’all are just taking it all in, I'm not sure. If y'all are listening and you want to get some help with your business, you want some more leads, you want more clients, you want to work less while growing your business at a rapid pace, just comment “hire,” H-I-R-E, and then Wes will reach out to you, have a quick chat just to make sure you are somebody that we can actually help, and if so, he’ll kind of map out a game plan based on where you are in the next steps. [30:17.0]

Just coming “hire” and Wes will reach out. We only would kind of go to the next step if we're hundred and fifty percent certain we can help you, but just comment “hire.” Wes will have a quick chat with you, see if we can help, and if not, we just kind of give you some other resources. So, just comment “hire.” Wes will get you all squared away.

My last question, unless you have anything after, Taurea, is if there is anybody who is listening right now and they're kind of on the fence or whatever the case may be, what would you say to those, any of those listening, and they're kind of considering like, Oh, I don't know. I mean, I can do it on my own, or whatever the case may be? What advice would you give them just from your personal experience?

Taurea: The first thing that I will say is how you do anything is how you do everything and how you expect to get results is how you take action. [31:05.2]

And so, for me, I want people to take action quick, and I knew that the only way that I could ever increase my having level and that's being able to say, It's going to be $10,000, and say it with confidence is how fast I acted on things. Now, I know that sounds crazy, but it is the truth, you know what I'm saying? How you do anything is how you do everything, so if you want people to invest $2,000, $3,000, $4,000, $5,000 into you, how quick are you able to take action on your own self?

I’ve always been told that successful people always never look at something as a problem. They look at the challenge and find a solution. Listen, when I first got started with you, that was even a situation where I was like, You know what? I'm going to sell my packages to invest, and that's what I did. I got to work. I didn't make any excuses. I said, I’m going to wait till the next time, nd said, No, no, no. This is how much it costs? Okay, let me sell some packages and I'm going to get started. [32:01.2]

Winners always just really find a way, so that's the first thing you. However you expect people to show up for you will always be based on how you show up for you, okay? So, you’ve got to make that investment.

The second thing is, it's always better to have someone that sees from a giraffe’s eye view down into your business, okay? If you were going to get you, and this is all never marketing talk, to be honest, but if you were going to get you to where you were supposed to be, you’d have already been there, and I know that's not raised, but it's the truth. We sometimes have to be willing to allow ourselves to have someone else to see into what we're doing and it's never going to happen if we keep on going down the path we've been doing it.

Listen, I'm grateful and a lot of times I take away from you stuff that to some people they'll miss it. It might be a small little tweak and that small little tweak brings in extra thousands of dollars, and so you're not here just to get the big, big, big boom. You're here for the tweaks and that's what you need a coach for. You need the coach to help them with the tweaks. You do the boom, but the coach helps with the tweaks. I don't know how to put that into a good colloquialism that it sounds good, but you know what I mean, right? [33:11.9]

Marquel: No, that's spot on. That’s spot on. It's just those two millimeters. People don't realize, it's those two-millimeter shifts. I was just chatting with a brother before I got on here and he wanted to get to 50 grand a month and I’m like, All right, cool. I mean, based on where you are and what you're already doing and what you offer, I mean, we can get you to 50k per month pretty quickly, so you just let me know where you want to go from here, because like you said, he sees his business from one perspective, but I already see where the holes are, and we bring our team on board and it's a complete game changer. So, one punch and, literally, it's crazy how you say network marketing in the top.

One of my mentors, he said the same thing when I was in network marketing. He was like, Marquel, and he said it just a little bit differently, but how network marketing is, everybody tweaks it a little bit. He basically said, “Marquel, if you could have everything you wanted in life, thinking the way you think and operating the way you operate, wouldn’t you already have it?” And that one question completely split my whole life upside down, immediately. That got me on that path of personal development. I was like, Wow, that makes total sense. I could have been offended, right? But I was like, Man, that makes total sense. [34:17.2]

Taurea: Absolutely.

Marquel: Great, great, great stuff. What have you got? Wes, you’ve got any questions?

Wes: Just one last thing. What message would you leave to that sister just like you who never thought that she had something that she could write about? A lot of people that don't feel that they're experts in anything. What do you say to her who’s like, I can't write a book, not me?

Marquel: Great question.

Taurea: That's a good question. It's always the stuff that we do without thinking about that somebody right now is looking up and I say this all the time. If they will Google it, they will pay for it while you're thinking that people don't… As people, we have some creative people. We know how to take this ingredient from here, this ingredient from there, this ingredient and make a whole meal. [35:07.2]

There’s somebody right now that doesn’t know how to do that, but you've been doing it for so long you don't even think about it, but how to pull a whole meal together for a couple of dollars. You can literally create a whole movement behind how to feed your entire family for this amount of money. You can create that kind of a movement, right? It's always the stuff that we do without thinking.

I feel that if you've ever been through any kind of challenge and you have to solve it, no matter how small, again, somebody is looking that up, and if they'll Google it, they'll pay for it. You deserve to be able to impact people with the pain that you've experienced, and I know that sounds crazy, but you deserve to do that. I don't ever look at something that I’ve been through as just for me. It's always to help that next person.

Marquel: A hundred percent. Totally spot on. You've got any closing remarks or anything, Taurea?

Taurea: I will just say like I said at the beginning, I wish I would have done it earlier. Don't hesitate on this, to the point where now I'm about to launch a new book. Can I do it after this? I’ve got so many ideas of ways to just really automate this thing, and the more money that you bring in… [36:15.8]

I always share, again, going back to the industry, in network marketing, one of the things that we always did is we always kind of used materialistic things to kind of inspire people, and for me, I’ve never got inspired on the material things. And I sat down, I’ll never forget this. I used to make some good money in the industry, but it would go quickly, and I remember sitting down with this lady and telling her, Man, I almost make 40,000 a month and I really don't have a whole lot to show for it. I mean, I have a nice car that costs me a whole lot, and then I have this house, which are nice, nice things, but I don't have a lot to show. She was like, That's because you've never assigned your money, and I was sitting there mind blown.

Taurea: See, I always assigned my money to what other people told me I should assign it, and so a lot of times when you hear people throw out numbers, you maybe don't get excited because that money you're connecting it to what other people say success is. Right? [37:14.6]

So, what's most important is you’ve got to know that as a result of you making 50,000 a month, what is that going to do for you? How are you going to invest that? How many people can you put on? How many families can you employ? And so, these are the things that inspire me and when I think about making 80,000 a month to $100,00 a month, I think about the people's lives that I could change, the people that I can hire, the trips that I can go on, and let's get a jet. I don’t just think about only the things that sometimes other people are trying to share to me as to what success looks like.

The faster that you take action and the faster that you start making money, the more you can do with that money that you have assigned. You’ve got to assign it, though. You’ve got to make sure you assign that money. You’ve got to know what this money is going to do for you and it'll inspire you to take action much faster. [38:03.9]

Marquel: I love it. If you're a coach, you're a consultant, you know want more leads, you know you want more clients, you know you're amazing at what you do, but like Christy said on her interview and she's always says it’s like, Who cares if you're a great coach or you're a great consultant and nobody knows who you are.

If you want to get in front of more people, you want to attract more people who are happily willing to pay you $3,000 to $10,000 or more for your expertise and you can automate this thing so every single day like Taurea and you don't have to worry about where your next leads are going to come from you. You don't have to worry about where your next client is going to come from and you can increase the price whenever you want. We can help you with that. We probably can't help you with that.

I mean, if you're in the group, comment “hire.” Wes will reach out, have a quick chat with you just to see if we can assist you, and if not, we'll make some other recommendations. If you're watching this somewhere else, there should be a link around here somewhere where you can click on, get more details about how we can potentially help you, and if we can, we'll talk about some options, and i4f we can't, again, we'll just give you some other resources to help you get on the track to whatever your goals are.

With that, appreciate you so much for being here. Definitely take your time lightly for sharing it with us. God bless you all. Love you all, and this session is a wrap. [39:10.8]

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