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When I first got into real estate it was the perfect storm… literally.

It was 2004 and we got hit by three hurricanes in a row.

Roads were closed, people didn't have power, houses were beat all to heck and landlords didn't want to deal with all the damage they were facing.

I bought my first property from a guy who had more repairs than he wanted to deal with.

It's been 12 years since we've had any major hurricanes headed our way, but it looks like Matthew is about to change all that.

People are scared.

Store shelves are empty.

And everyone on the coast is running for cover.

Me, cupcake, and Dong are pretty far inland – but we're still prepared.

We've got water, food, ice, candles, batteries, and books to read if the power goes out.

The only thing that will be out of my control is whether or not we have internet.

So I'm doing the smart thing, I'm loading up all my emails for this weekend before the storm hits to make sure you don't miss a second of me.

Ain't I generous?

And I wanted to remind you The Factory will be open and churning out new podcasts and videos for you no matter how bad it gets over here.

Make sure you don't miss a thing by subscribing to my channel on You Tube.

Talk to you tomorrow,
Producer Jonathan


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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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