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results-making-agents-rich“It just would not make sense if we didn't identify them so that when we saw them show up, we would have a plan, a method in order to get over it, around it, through it, under it, whatever we're going to do.” – Darin Persinger

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Numbers never Lie:
$250,000 – According to the NAR Member Profile Report, only 4% of real estate agents make $250,000 or more.

Main Topic:
Overview of the 10 roadblocks
Roadblock #1 – Do Nothing
Roadblock #2 – Wasting Money
Roadblock #3 – Environment
Roadblock #4 – Resistance
Roadblock #5 – SOI
Roadblock #6 – Time
Roadblock #7 – Mindset
Roadblock #8 – Plan/Strategy
Roadblock #9 – Consistency
Roadblock #10 – The Leads

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3. Why 90% of Realtors fail (and what you can do to avoid it)  Think Strategy

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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