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strategy-making-agents-rich“The millennials now that are having to sit and traffic and commute into work every day, when they start becoming the managers and the supervisors, they're going to go, “Let's go work from home.”” – Darin Persinger


Main Topic:
In today’s show you’ll find out what you to successfully work from home
1. Prioritize what is important
2. Designated work space
3. Routine
4. Equipment

Links and other stuff mentioned in this show:
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2. How your environment is keeping you from being rich and happy real estate agent EnvironmentRB3
3. Rituals of the Rich – How to have the perfect morning Rituals
4. Slack: https://slack.com/
5. Project Managament – Basecamp https://basecamp.com/
6. People Management – Highrise https://highrisehq.com/

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