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rich-real-estate-agentYou are listening to the best of The Making Agents Rich Show.

Darren and I got together and picked our four favorite shows from the first 50.

I can't believe that we've done over 160 shows so we went back and picked our four favorite shows from the first 50 Making Agents Rich Shows since iTunes has buried all that and we're bringing it back to you because this is cornerstone content.

This is what Making Agents Rich is built on and if you're new here then this is going to give you a deeper understanding of who we are and what we're about.

And if you've been here since the beginning, this is a kick in the butt and a reminder.

Today I'm bringing you the show that we called “Plan to Fail”.

Why people plan to fail?

And the thing is failure is such an important part of entrepreneurship.

It's where your most valuable lessons come from and if you think you're going to be successful without failure then you have another thing coming.

So with that, let's dive in to “Why People Plan to Fail?”

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