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leverage-making-agents-rich“If you're the number one agent in the marketplace you don't have to acknowledge your competition because you don't have any.” – Darin Persinger


Numbers never Lie:
JPMorgan Chase & Co. is eliminating voice mail for consumer-bank employees as part of a push by the biggest U.S. lender to trim $2 billion in annual expenses.

About 65 percent of employees with voice mail had it deactivated, for $3.2 million in annualized savings, said Michael Fusco, a JPMorgan spokesman.


Main Topic:
Realtor.com going after Zillow/Trulia

Apple vs Microsoft
Homeadvisor vs AngiesList

Three tips:
1. Look at how you can position yourself based upon where your competition is
2. Define your unique sales position (USP)
3. Don’t just talk about it, Be about it

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