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Let’s face it: Everybody googles everybody these days.

And the same is true for recruiters and employers. You have to expect that, at some point, they WILL google your name and check your social media profiles.

The important question is, what will they see when they look you up?

On today’s podcast we’re going to cover how to clean up and polish your online image so you always look like the in-demand executive or rising professional that you are.

Show highlights:

– How to create a game plan and start improving your online presence. (2:51)

– The number one rule to follow for all your Facebook posts. (3:31)

– The sneaky way your private party pics show up in Google search. (4:58)

– What to NEVER post online. (7:18)

– How to bury all the negative information you can’t take offline. (9:37)

– Having a negative online image is the worst that can happen, right? Wrong! THIS is even worse. (10:12)

And if you want personalized guidance on how to elevate your career or maintain your current c-level role, then hop over to executivejobsecurity.com for more info.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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