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Most executives and professionals are uncomfortable tooting their own horn at work. They don’t want to brag or don’t want coworkers to think they’re putting others down by promoting themselves.

But the simple truth is, you DO need to self promote if you want to stay relevant for new opportunities.

In today’s episode you’re going to learn 7 ways to do self promotion right. This way, when opportunities come along you’ll be on the radar.

Show highlights:

– One simple thing that can boost your respect inside your company almost instantly (2:11)

– How to “use” your communication with your managers for self-promotion… without actually doing any self-promoting. (3:33)

– Do THIS to drastically increase your value. (5:45)

– Why mentoring others is a great way of self-promoting. (6:51)

– How to become a Thought leader and increase your visibility. (Online and off.) (9:37)

Regardless of your position or your career goals, the fundamental techniques you’re going to hear today can help you stand out without sticking out. And by applying them, you’ll increase your chances of getting that promotion, landing that job, or getting that raise!

Plus, if you want even more personalized guidance, go to http://executivejobsecurity.com for more details of what to do next.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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