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Have you ever been thrown off balance when you were asked, “What kind of salary are you looking for…” and you didn’t know how to answer?

Being able to react (and answer!) the salary question professionally is yet another way to make a strong impression and convey your value and your confidence in your abilities. That’s why it’s important to know how to answer it properly.

On today’s podcast we are going to discuss how to answer the salary question well so you always get what you deserve.

Show highlights:

  • The reason why some recruiters ask the salary question at the very beginning. (2:36)
  • What does your reaction to the question tell about you to the hiring manager. (6:00)
  • How to handle the answer like a pro without having to give a flat number. (6:20)
  • How NOT to answer the salary question. (7:41)
  • This word-for-word answer will always work in your favour during negotiations. (Get a pen and write it down immediately!) (8:29)

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Lisa Rangel

Lisa Rangel is the Chief Executive Resume Writer and CEO of ChameleonResumes.com, a Forbes Top 100 Career Website. She is an Official LinkedIn Moderator and she has been featured on Fast Company, BBC, Business Insider, Investor’s Business Daily, Fox Business News, Yahoo Finance, US News & World Report, and numerous media outlets. She is the creator of ResumeCheatSheet.com and LinkedinCheatSheet.com.

Lisa Rangel


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