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Very few people actively stay relevant to their competition… even when they do their job extremely well!

The reason? Spending too much time at your desk and assuming everyone around you knows about the good work that you do each day.

And if this describes you, don’t worry. Listen to today’s show to learn career maintenance strategies that will help you stay relevant (and in constant demand!)… without declaring you are looking for a job.

Show highlights:

  • When doing volunteer work can help you stay in demand. (4:24)
  • How to be seen as an authority in your industry AND keep in touch with college classmates at the same time. (4:52)
  • How to cultivate leads from conferences and conventions… even when you can’t attend! (6:02)
  • Do this to make connections offline without leaving your office. (6:50)
  • How to use blogging to your advantage. (7:01)

Go to Joblandingquiz.com to find out what else you need to know to stay competitive before you need it.

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Lisa Rangel

Lisa Rangel is the Chief Executive Resume Writer and CEO of ChameleonResumes.com, a Forbes Top 100 Career Website. She is an Official LinkedIn Moderator and she has been featured on Fast Company, BBC, Business Insider, Investor’s Business Daily, Fox Business News, Yahoo Finance, US News & World Report, and numerous media outlets. She is the creator of ResumeCheatSheet.com and LinkedinCheatSheet.com.

Lisa Rangel


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