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Welcome to the new podcast series Pretend You’re Fired!

“Hey, what’s up with the negative title?” I hear you ask.

Well, here’s the thing: Don’t think people are fired based on poor performance alone.

Companies downsize and restructure all the time, economy changes, jobs get outsourced and automated. You could be the best employee on the planet and you could still lose your job.

Let me ask you this: If you were unexpectedly let go today, would you be okay?

What if you were ok? Wouldn’t that feel great?

There are things you can do starting today to make sure you always have your bases covered no matter what happens.

And that’s the purpose of this podcast: To help you build the foundations of your job security so you know you’ll be fine even if you get fired when you least expect it!

Show notes:

  • How this successful senior manager got fired unexpectedly and why everyone is at risk. (1:30)
  • The single best advice Lisa got from a friend built the foundation for her job security. (2:32)
  • “The List” that creates the freedom to turn down jobs you don’t like. (4:10)
  • First thing you must do while you still have a job so you cover all your bases. (7:27)
  • Find out the one thing all employers are looking for when reading your resume. (10:40)
  • How to network and create opportunities for you without getting fired. (11:15)


Here’s what to do next:
Grab yourself a free copy of the Resume Cheat Sheet, put on your headphones and let’s get started!

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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