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How do you decide, when the time comes, if you should remodel your house or relocate?

Maybe your kids moved out recently and you’re left with all this space you don’t need anymore…


Perhaps your family evolved and your charming little house is suddenly too cramped and overcrowded.

What should you do: Relocate or remodel?

Moving house can be exciting, but it also means stressful times ahead.

And… if you’re anything like us, you’ve probably accumulated years and years worth of stuff. And the mere thought of going through all that gives you headache.

On the other hand, remodelling when not planned properly can mean stress during and after the process. Plus, you risk ending up with a home you’re not happy with.

The point is, you have a decision to make and you want it to be the best one for your situation.

This episode will help you to plan your remodelling project properly.

Or… if your heart is set on relocating, it will give you the best criteria to use when deciding where to move to. Because one thing is for sure: you can always fix your house, but you can’t fix your neighbourhood.

Show highlights:
– Things you must check before deciding to move into a new neighbourhood.
– How to accurately calculate the cost of your remodelling project. (And avoid surprises you didn’t plan for.)
– Not every house is suitable for remodelling. Find out if yours is.
– Can remodelling be a good choice when you want to downsize?
– How to avoid over-modelling your home and risk making it unsellable.
– One simple and inexpensive home improvement project that can boost your home’s value more than anything else. (Adding a basement, updating your bathroom, or replacing your roof can’t even come close!)

If you’re asking yourself, “remodel or relocate?”… listen to this episode and get help making the best decision for your situation.

And once you know what your best decision is… hop over to http://goodlivingbydesignshow.com and get your free copy of Seven Decor Tips To Love The Home You’re In.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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