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Are you always looking for the next payday? Pursuing wealth can leave you chasing for the rest of your life, drowning in stress and anxiety.

This “chase” is why the burnout rate among real estate investors is more than 50%.

But let's get real. Is this race to get rich the path to genuine happiness or a path to an early heart attack?

The better approach?

Help people achieve their goals instead.

When you adopt a Jesus like service attitude – you will transform your life and your bank account.

In today's episode, join me as we create wealth without stress and anxiety. Implement the strategies and I guarantee that money won't be something you chase; it will flow to you effortlessly right into your bank account.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • How to stop working 60 hours per week (and build a dream passively ) (1:46)
  • The “selfish” factor that will put you in an early grave before you are 50 (3:27)
  • Why wealthy Americans are always on the edge of burnout (and how to maintain peak productivity for the rest of your life) (5:21)
  • The “Letting Go” technique to build a real estate fortune (while avoiding chronic diseases) (8:51)
  • Why most real estate investors quit before they achieve financial freedom (8:31)
  • The secret “abundance” formula to get rich in half the time (even if you are starting out late in life) (9:24)
  • Discover the ‘Ego Death' method to fast track your wealth and retire early (12:12)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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