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What’s the difference between an average person and a billionaire?

The average person works extremely hard. They equate hard work with success. And they give up too easily when confronted with obstacles.

What do billionaires do differently?

They understand that success is not just about hard work. They know how to use their minds better and they look at obstacles to pivot to their goals.

They also know how to access the “librarian” of their minds. This is where all good ideas come from.

In today's episode, Marx Acosta-Rubio, a successful business owner and coach, joins us. You’ll discover mindset hacks to achieve your goals much faster. All successful people have a formula for success, and it all starts with how they use their mind.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • The “worldview” technique to change your financial destiny (so that you don’t work until your grave) (6:53)
  • Two things to avoid like a plague to double your income (9:38)
  • The “Indiana Jones” method to become a successful entrepreneur (16:17)
  • The two cognitive biases that’s keeping you trapped from hitting your financial goals (17:05)
  • Why focusing on just money will make you fail as an investor (21:06)
  • Use this popular productivity book to get more things done in a day (even if you are completely unorganized) (22:06)
  • How to take 150 days off in a year and still have time for your business (26:57)
  • The “Eureka” technique to create cash flowing ideas for your business (29:45)
  • What this billionaire does to solve complex business problems (without lifting a finger) (31:23)

To connect with Marx Acosta-Rubio, please contact him at: https://www.callmarx.com/

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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