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A lot of guidelines exist in fundraising. Some of them, however, are not really good. Similar to sins, you suffer a negative effect if you do them. What are the seven sins in fundraising? Listen to James Newberry and Stuart MacLean in this episode!

Sin #1: Being Boring

The first sin is being boring in what you do and how you do it. You can always do exciting things instead. Unfortunately in fundraising, some do not want to explore new things.

“Things that worked at one time can become stale.” -James Newberry

Some clients and fundraisers have the mistaken idea that the cheapest option is the best. What they fail to realize is they can spend on things that really matter. That way, they add value not just to their cause and the things they distribute but also to their donors.

Sin #2: Not Cultivating Relationships

The second sin is failing to cultivate or upgrade donors. Some agencies and organizations simply consider those in their lists as those that are good for another appeal for money.

Unfortunately, not a lot of agencies and organizations know what to do with people. They don’t even have a clear plan on memberships. As fundraiser, you want to develop and strengthen the relationship you have with the people in your list.

Direct Marketing with Stuart MacLean

Stuart once helped a specific group contact their high net worth people. But, the group didn’t reach out to those people. They could have started and approached the nearest one instead.

Stuart has had many years in the industry. Now, he runs his own business called MacLean Direct Marketing. He still does consulting for some agencies.

You too can work with Stuart! Get in touch with him at scottsmanstuartmaclean@gmail.com.

To hear about What are the Seven Sins in Fundraising, download and listen to the entire episode.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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