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In this week's episode, our guest is Tanner Ehmke from Cobank, which is one of the leading members of the farm Credit system and the largest agricultural lender in the United States.

Joe and Tanner discuss global growth patterns, focusing on China's decelerating growth, and how it impacts agricultural businesses. They will explore how the industry shifts to the opportunities in Southeast Asia and cope with the interplay of economics and cultural traditions in the diverse Indian market.

They will also cover the challenges in the agricultural industry and the strategic agility required to seize forthcoming opportunities.

So plug in those earbuds and get ready for an enlightening conversation.

Let's get started!

Show Highlights:

  • A closer look at overseas markets and how they are affecting U.S. agriculture production and products [00:01:35]
  • Who is Cobank? [00:02:34]
  • What does slow growth in China mean for us? [00:05:25]
  • China's future as an export destination questioned [00:09:42]
  • How can real estate shape family size? [00:13:12]
  • Where are we seeing growth in population and per capita GDP? [00:15:28]
  • How will rising GDP in India and Southeast Asia affect food consumption? [00:21:23]
  • How will India's wheat consumption and climate impact their production? [00:25:43]
  • Which countries will be forced to shift from exporter to importer? [00:27:49]
  • This area of the world is on the radar for future agricultural demand [00:32:53]

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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