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Navigating big business choices is like playing a grand game of chess. Every move affects your company, customers, and stakeholders.

But… have you noticed that shadow lurking on the board?

It's the ‘Hidden Tax' of decision-making…

Imagine this: You decide to expand your product line in market A, but by doing so, you unintentionally cut off access to the more profitable market B, resulting in a potential loss of millions in revenue.

Ready to master the game and spot those hidden pitfalls?

Join us in this episode as Shane Thomas from Upstream Ag shares his insights on how you can spot the mistakes in common decision making to make significantly better decisions to maximize your profitability.

Listen now!

Show Highlights Include:

  • The deadly “Hidden Tax” behind every decision you make (and how removing it unlocks new streams of revenue almost instantly)
  • Why selling in SOME markets reduces your profitability & increases expenses (and which markets you should pick instead for maximizing profits) (4:54)
  • Waiting to time the market? Here’s an easy way to identify if you’re selling in incompatible markets (This causes marketing confusion leading to lack of sales & market share) (6:15)
  • Try this easy “North Star” technique to position yourself to drive up your profits, and seize more more market share (14:19)
  • The right way to grow your big business like a startup without acting like one (You get the same accelerated growth without the adjusted chaos) (25:50)
  • How to create disruption in a saturated market and demand higher margins with less effort (36:54)

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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