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As a leader, you must make decisions. The problem is you need to make the decisions before you have all the necessary information.

Delaying your decision makes your team question your leadership skills. But deciding too quickly can cause irreversible damage to your agribusiness, your team, and even your family.

So, how do you make smarter decisions when they’re soaked in elevated risk?

In today’s show, you’ll discover my 4 favorite “decision-making risk hacks” that prevent you from making costly decisions (without drowning you in indecision).

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • Why being too thorough in your decision-making process backfires and causes your team to question your leadership (1:36)
  • How to make big decisions faster even when the wrong decision risks your job, your company, or your culture (5:02)
  • The “Impact & Probability” trick for understanding the risk your next decision carries before it sabotages your agribusiness (5:52)
  • The insidious “Chicken Little” trap leaders fall into which dupes them into making incorrect decisions (and how to harness this trap to make smarter decisions) (8:47)
  • How to leverage your fear of failure to help you avoid foolish decisions (without subjecting yourself to indecision) (18:22)
  • 4 “Decision-Making Risk Hacks” that help you overcome your reluctance to risky business decisions (even when you don’t make the best decision) (19:08)

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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