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The difference between a successful M&A that excites your team, grows your revenue, and creates a better experience for your customers… And a failed one where you invest tons of capital and time and energy for nothing comes down to asking 3 simple questions.


Because M&As are exciting for your team. But this excitement, while healthy in doses, can become lethal if it’s unjustified.

Asking these 3 key questions not only prevents you from wasting your time, energy, and capital, but it also ensures that your leadership team is aligned and convicted in the value of the M&A. And when your leadership team is aligned and motivated because of your pragmatic and rigorous evaluation, then, well, your M&A is destined to succeed with flying colors.

In today’s show, I reveal what these 3 questions are, why your M&A success hinges on asking—and answering—them as soon as possible, and how these 3 questions weed out weak ideas before they devour your time, energy, and capital.

Listen now.

Show highlights include:

  • 3 key questions which not only helps you improve your M&A execution, but also helps you avoid wasting months of time for nothing (2:50)
  • Why watching this quick TED Talk will align your entire leadership (even when your M&A gets complicated) (4:00)
  • The unoriginal, but wildly effective “Rooted Problem” trick for ensuring your entire team is on the same page during an M&A (6:01)
  • Why M&As that don’t answer this customer-centric question fail (and how the “reinforce the why” secret prevents this) (9:06)
  • How empowering and exciting your team on your new M&A can cause costly mistakes if you neglect this often overlooked step (10:38)
  • The “Steel Man” technique for making sure your M&A is actually worthwhile and profitable before you invest capital and months of time into it (11:04)

For more about Joe Mosher, go here: https://moshercg.com/



Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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