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The way you think about yourself has a direct impact on your success and the success of everyone around you. When you don’t show up with your “A-game” your team senses that — making it impossible to reach their peak performance.

But leaders today underestimate this power. So instead of taking time to reset and recharge, they buckle down and create more fires. This nonstop creation of problems seeps into every employee in your business and drains morale.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that this is usually an easy problem to fix.

In this episode, I’m sharing the true importance of your mental health and self-worth, its impact on everyone around you, and easy ways to recharge your batteries to become a better leader.

This episode is originally from Joe's weekly call with his teams to jump start their week on a Monday morning.

Here Are The Show Highlights:

  • Why becoming ruthlessly selfish is the only way to help other people (3:40)
  • The real reason nobody on your team comes to work excited and motivated (that even more money can’t fix) (4:13)
  • How something as silly-sounding as buying new golf clubs can make you a better leader (6:12)
  • The “Dangling Carrot” trick that puts the universe at your beck and call so you reach your goals faster (8:14)
  • How taking a daily nap makes you more productive and successful (10:02)
  • The braindead simple way to become better than 95% of working Americans (15:56)

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You're not a rookie real estate investor anymore. In fact, you're probably doing a small handful of deals each month, but you're killing yourself to make it happen and to top it off, if you take time off from your business, you don't make any money. That's because you don't have a real business, yet. We're about to fix all that. If you're a can do action taker, the whole scaling podcast will teach you the tips, tricks, and systems you need to generate massive revenue, build your team and give you the financial freedom you've dreamed of in any market in the US. This is WholeScaling.

(00:43): Topic. Today's topic. What I want to talk about today, guys, is your self worth becomes your net worth. Okay? And then I'm going to use the terms today that are going to sound financial. And I really don't mean them to be financial. And I think you guys are gonna understand what I'm talking about as the call goes on. Again, if you guys are coming on, make sure to mute yourself as you're popping on Phil, I've already made it. He wants to keep yourself muted, please. Alright, so your self worth equals your net worth. Again, these are not financial terms, your net worth meaning your value. Meaning the person you're trying to become the legacy. You're trying to leave the things you're trying to build, right? Your total value, your net worth, right? Not just your financial net worth as a lot of people here, it said, but your total net worth right?

(01:24): Your total value to people, right? The thing you're trying to build up, that the whole reason we're here, right? So if you think about yourself and how you see yourself and how you want to be, right, that would be your net worth in your total cumulation. And so I want to talk about self worth and the self value, the inner reflection of what we see ourselves as. And so I wrote down this question, do I see myself as the person? I want to be, write this down. If you guys have a pen and you have a notepad, do you see yourself? Do I see myself as the person that I want to be? It's a very reflective question, right? Do I carry myself as the person I want to be? Do I act as the person I want to be? Do I think as the person I want to be, do I respond as the person that I want to be?

(02:11): Do I lead as the person that I want to be? You can plug in any matter of rewards there. And the truth is, I don't think any one of us honestly can answer that question. Yes. To all of those questions, right? Of course, the person that we want to be generally as somebody who is this mythical creature, right? That we idolized, right? They have the better body. They have the better mental fortitude. They can handle stress better. They make better decisions. They have more money in the bank. They're a better mother. They're a better father. They're a better business partner. They're a better leader. Right? But it doesn't have to be that way guys, because at the end of the day, again, self-worth becomes our net worth. So I wrote this down the King eats first. A lot of you have heard that before now, frankly, it's a little bit of a sexist phrase.

(02:56): And I think it really should be the queen needs first or the King needs first so that you, ladies that are listening to this today, you can take it both ways, right? The King needs first or the queen needs first. The concept is the same, right? In order for us to be great stewards and great leaders. And again, this doesn't mean that you're the top of the food chain for some of us, there's visionaries, listening, there's business owners and operators, listening. There's executives, listening. And there's people all the way down throughout the food chain and different team members listening. All of you on this call at some point in time will be responsible for other human beings. I don't care if you're a big brother or big sister. If you're a father, if you're a cousin, you're a husband, a wife. If you have team members that you're responsible for, or if you're an executive, or if you're a business owner, at some point, you will be responsible to be the King or the queen.

(03:44): You won't be responsible for other people. And at that level folks, we can't do right by them unless we are fed, unless we are mentally stable, unless we are well spiritually, mentally, physically, unless we are all there. Unless we come to the table with our a game. I said this before, and I haven't said it to you guys, but I've said it to our teams multiple times upsets our mastermind groups multiple times. When we bring our a game, the team feels it. When you come to work and you work for, I tie radical asshole, who's difficult to deal with. We've all had those jobs. Nobody is at peak performance. At that level, nobody comes to work excited and energized and ready to go. When they have a tough boss, a tough manager or a tough CEO, or anyone above them in the food chain, they think they cower.

(04:34): They come to work with less energy. They come to work with the idea of what's next for me, where else could I go? But when you come to work full of energy, full of solutions, full of vigor and vision and drive, and your words act that way and your energy acts that way. And you're giving off that vibe to other people. Well, now the culture is different. People look up to you. People want to follow you. People see you holding responsibility. People want to emulate your motives. They want to emulate your moves. They want to do what you do. They want to track the way you're tracking. Again, I'm talking every level. I don't care what level you're at. You could be the janitor on this call. And if you're a kick ass janitor, there's some junior janitor that wants to be a kick ass janitor like you.

(05:21): Okay. The fact is the King and queen need to eat first. We need to be on our a game in order to emulate in order to be big visionaries again, mentally, spiritually, and physically. So I wrote down a few things and a few things that can help us to recharge the batteries. Again, we're in this weird Coronavirus COVID-19 thing where a lot of us were just not used to being able to regulate yet. We're just being able to get out of the house a little bit. They just opened restaurants in New Jersey two weeks ago, or you could actually go out and have some semblance of normalcy and start to see people and network a little bit, and actually maybe see some of your friends. Other than that, a lot of us you've been locked up, no travel, no movement. I sent him a call last week.

(06:03): I was thankful just for being able to get in the car and drive five hours North in the New York state. Right. But being able to do these small things. And so how can you take care of yourself? And maybe it's a purchase. Maybe it's a set your goal on a trinket or a thing. You know, I wrote down for some of you, maybe it's golf clubs, maybe it's a new pair of shoes. Maybe it's something as small as I had a funny conversation with a friend of mine last week, his thing is grass. His whole life. It was grass. When he drove through neighborhoods, the neighborhoods that he wanted to live in his big takeaway was the sight and the smell and the visual of the houses. And the big thing was never the house for him. It was how meticulous the lawn was made.

(06:49): Hey, he remembers driving through the neighborhoods in the spring and seeing the cut lines and the grass and smelling the fresh cut grass and the, and the smell of the lawnmower exhaust and seeing that grass. So now he spends literally, I mean, I think we, most of us, I think can agree. It's insane. He spends thousands of dollars having golf course grass installed in his lawn and they mow it twice a week. He has a greens crew that comes in Moses lawn, right? But his thing is grass. And for him, that's what he enjoys. And it's an investment in himself. So when he pulls up to his house, it reinvigorates him. It makes him feel good. It energizes him. It pushes him along and it motivates him to do better and become a better leader. Right? It sounds silly for most of us, our thing might sound silly to most people, your thing, whatever that thing might be, might be silly to most people.

(07:47): Again, this is not keeping up with the Joneses, right? Most people will never put golf course grass in their front lawn. And I'm not suggesting that you guys do that, but maybe your thing is something different. Maybe your thing is something that inspires you, that pushes you to do better. And it doesn't have to be big or small for you that are in leadership positions or aspire to be in leadership positions. I implore you find out from your people, what drives them? I was in a texting chat. It wasn't even a, it wasn't even a conversation a couple of weeks ago with one of my sales guy. And I know that he wants to relocate to a different state. And so he's sending me Zillow shots of this houses that he wants. And I scroll right to the bottom and you know, Zillow, you can see what the monthly payment's going to be on the house.

(08:33): How I scroll down to the bottom, I take a screenshot. I highlight it. I circled yeah. Monthly payment. And I said, boom, put this on your wall. Yup. Print this out and hang it from your computer. Now you have a monkey. My goal. Now, you know what you need to sell and you reverse engineer. You track it. That's how you get to what it costs to live in this house. That's what you need for disposable income, not disposable, but for your living expenses to live in this house, again, tracking the goals, keeping it on track. He wrote back to me something to be effective. And I'm paraphrasing. Wow. I haven't done this in years. I haven't thought about reverse engineering my goal in years. And when you make it that simple, the impact is incredible. When you really boil it down to a number like that, a monthly income number, it doesn't seem so out of reach.

(09:22): And for this particular person, this thing, it was a penthouse condo top of the building. It seemed like eons away. It seemed like flying to the moon from where this person is now to where he needs to get, to be able to live in this place. But the reality of it is based on his sales performance and his ability and his book of business. And what's in front of him. It could be a year. It can be 18 months. Now, all of a sudden its perspective. Now, all of a sudden my net worth has just increased. Now, all of a sudden my self value just went up. Now, all of a sudden my chest is pulled up a little bit. Wow. I might be able to do this. This is something that it's attainable. It's achievable guys for some them. Plus this mental status changes by doing something as simple as taking a pill half day, taking a nap.

(10:12): How many of you were like, God, I've never taken a nap. Don't be ashamed to admit it. Go take a 15 minute power nap. Go take a 20 minute recharge. I've said this before. Sometimes the best way for me to recharge is literally did disappear for a day. Go rent a hotel room. That's an hour away from your house. 10 minutes from your house, 45 minutes from your house. Just go stay overnight. Somewhere. Sometimes it only takes a couple hours to reset everything to distress and defrag to get out of your environment and reset the clock. Just to take a different viewpoint, a different vantage point of what's surrounding you to reset where your mind is at and think about the things that you're dealing with. From a different perspective. I wrote down here in our darkest and deepest moments, that free time that we make for ourselves, by the way we make it for ourselves, right?

(11:05): We all have 24 hours in a day and we all have the ability to carve out free time. And guys, I have two children. I have two, the dogs. I have a wife, I have a family. I have in-laws right. We all have these crazy problems. We all have things that are pulling us in a hundred directions. We all have a calendar. I run multi little businesses. I have people chomping and texting me an email on the all day long. So I understand that we all have responsibilities, but every one of us on this call can carve out an hour or two hours or even an overnight to recharge the batteries in distress. Right? So I wrote down in the deepest and darkest and most stressful and anxious and most tumultuous mind-bending times when we feel like we're in the worst spots in the world, that time that you carve out is worth 10, the value.

(11:55): And what I mean by that is if you can carve out an hour and turn off your phone and sit in a park or take a nap or go somewhere, that's not your office and recharge and refresh again, focused on your self worth, focused on your gratitude. Focus on yourself, building yourself up the King. The queen eats first mental clarity, mental focus. What do I need? What do I not need? Maybe it's a Manny petty. Maybe it's a lunch with an old friend, just detach and recharge. If you're in a really bad place, a really tough spot. I really stressful time. Then that time you carve out is worth 10 times the benefit. I hope that makes sense to you. The deeper, the deeper, the hole you're in the tougher, the times you're having. The more that, that recharge time, that battery time is worth.

(12:48): If you're just relaxing and kicking back, and everything's good, you can go take off three, four days and guess what? You're going to recharge your batteries, but you don't need it as much as when you're in the tough spot. When you're stressed, when you're really pushing hard, you guys know what I mean because you're entrepreneurs. A lot of you have worked those seven days a week have worked those 18 hour days. A lot of the guys that are on my team know this as a fact, they'll tell me I was on the phone till one o'clock in the morning. And my reaction is why, or they'll text me at nine o'clock on a Friday and I'll respond back. Don't you have fucking children. Why aren't you playing with your kids right now? Like spend time relaxed, detach, unplugged, regroup, because you're worthless to the team and yourself and everyone around you.

(13:33): If you're not recharging your batteries and regrouping your mental health and getting yourself back up to par and going out and doing a hobby, by the way, I'm not preaching to you here because I'm just as guilty as a lot of us. At certain times, I have a hard time on winding this weekend. I actually was working on a bar top. I'm building like an outdoor kitchen in my backyard. Not because I can't pay someone to do it. Not because I don't have carpenters who literally on staff in our general contracting company, but because working with wood and building stuff actually helps me mentally unwind. It helps me break away. It helps me build the batteries back up. I actually liked that Brian and I used to be like, yeah, dude, that's a whole nother story. But we used to be in the wood shop in high school, like seven periods out of eight.

(14:19): We used to be on the woodshop all the time. So I love working with wood. You know, when I'm in there, I'm just thinking about cutting and sanding, installing and finishing. Nothing else can permeate my brain space. To me. That's my Zen zone. That's like doing yoga for a lot of you. There's something like that. Whatever that thing is, you got to figure that out again. Our self worth creates our net worth. Okay. Now again, I'm going to get back to that for a second. What's our net worth our net worth is what we give back as a leader. It's what we give back as a coach. It's what we give back as a husband or wife. Well, we give back as a mother or father, what are we doing as a human being? And what are we leaving behind? Because guys, we're all here for such a short time.

(15:04): What is your net worth? What is your net contribution to the people around you, to your teams, right? Again, I don't care where you're at on the totem pole. This is not, who's the biggest baddest person in the room. This is what are we doing to achieve better? What are we doing to help each other? What are we doing to achieve our personal goals and our team goals and coming together to do that. It takes every person on the bus, mentally, spiritually, physically, psychologically rowing in the same direction, with clarity and at their peak performance at their top battery level. So going into this week, I want you to think about one thing or a few things. Really. I want you to think about what your schedule looks like. I want you to think about what your load looks like, meaning write out what are the things I have to do this week.

(15:54): What do I have to really accomplish? Because I'm going to tell you something. If all you do is physically list out the things you have to do. Guys, you are already in the top 5% of Americans. I don't know if you know that this is actually an interesting statistic. It's a very interesting statistic. Most people, 95% to be almost exact statistics on this. Don't even write out or list what it is that they're trying to accomplish. That's why they feel like they're on the mouse wheel. It's why they feel like they've never accomplished anything. And they're just going around, around in circles because they don't actually list out what they need to accomplish. And if you're on this call and you don't know what that is, we'll ask somebody, right? It's very important, but listed out. And then once you have it listed out, try to plug it in on your calendar somewhere.

(16:39): This is going to take a half an hour. This is going to take 15 minutes. It's going to take an hour and then sit back for a second, take a deep breath and look at the sheer amount of free time. You have guys because here's what happens. The week gets ahead of us. And we start cramming in that busy work, right? That quote unquote busy work. And that's where stuff goes sideways. That's where anxiety comes. That's where reactivity comes. Instead of proactivity. That's where chasing our tail comes from. That's where stress and anxiety comes from. That's where putting out fires comes from secret is guys, most of us start the fires, right? So we have something to put out. The reality of it is I want you to be on peak performance. I want you to look at when do I have time to go get a Mandy petty? When do I have time? Because it's going to be nice on Wednesday to go take a walk. When do I have time? Take my mother to lunch. When do I have time to do the things I want to do? And then talk to the people around you and make time for your mental health. Make time to get better, make time to raise the bar for yourself so you can not only increase your net worth, but the net worth of the teams and the people around you. If you

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