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Show Highlights Include:

  • The Roman 8:37 verse which prevents you from feeling helpless (1:40)
  • What basketball shows you about how to have an overwhelming victory in life (3:23)
  • How to transform feeling stuck into an unbeatable warrior mindset where you dictate your life (6:44)
  • How to show up every day as a warrior and unleash your God-given strength to fight back and stand up for what’s yours (12:59)

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Hi there. I'm Jill Allen. And this is find Your fierce, the show designed for women to discover your fierce unlock, an unstoppable mindset, build unbreakable courage, and completely transform how you show up every single day. Each week. I will bring ideas, methods, and strategies that will inspire you to step into your greatness and live life on purpose. Let's be fit, fierce and unstoppable.

(00:35): Hey there, gang. Welcome to find your fear. So glad that you're here with me, as we dive into another new episode of find your fears as always, I am super excited about these next few minutes of our day, because this just may be the fire that you are needing to break through a little straight talk, followed up with love and will hopefully inspire you to apply it all and take action when it comes to the battles that you are facing and when you feel under attack. But before we go any further today, I have to ask, are you needing a speaker for an upcoming event or conference? If so, I'm your person. I would love to bring the fine, your fierce message to your next function and to book your event message me at Jill at Jill Allen, coaching.com. And I love that you're here listening in and spending time with me.

(01:15): So honored that I get to be a part of your day. You're just so, uh, all amazing. And I thank you for all your love and your support, and as always, I appreciate your feedback and your reviews. And I love that you shared this podcast in the set free message with your friends and family. So if you could keep on doing that, that would be incredible because you are helping this movement as it helps reach more women and it impacts more lives. And that is certainly what life is all about. So thank you again. So let's dive in. Are you ready? And I know there are times when I straight up feel like I'm under attack. It seems that everything or anything that could go wrong does go wrong. And sometimes those attacks feel really personal. And I believe that because I think they are, they're very personal and I have to ask, do you ever feel that way, where there is this black storm cloud following you wherever you go or that the enemy is after you and everything good in your life?

(02:15): Yeah. So I have to tell you, if you are a powerhouse for the Lord or a follower of Christ or one who is on a mission to live your God-given purpose, you wear a target like this massive, huge bullseye on your back. You have a target, but I'm here today to encourage you and to remind you to never forget the power that you hold and the power that you have been given. And we're not always here to fight on the defensive. Did you know being more than a conquer in Jesus means more than just dodging the fiery darts of what's coming at you? Did you, you know, it means more than just merely surviving the attacks. One of my all time, favorite scriptures is actually Romans 8 37. It says just that we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. And another way to put it, despite all these things, overwhelming victory is ours through Christ who loved us.

(03:20): How do you have, like, I want that. I want that overwhelming victory. How do you have overwhelming victory? Let me tell you, it's not gonna come by just playing defense, sitting back and hanging out. I remember playing basketball, coaching basketball, even, and remembering the games where it was so lopsided. It felt like one team was only playing defense. And I have to say, we might have had a lot of turnovers those games, right? We chase and we guard and we defend and, and we jump and we block, but the moment we rebounded the ball, we would give it right back to the opponent only to be back on defense again, it's like here, go ahead, take it. The ball's yours. We'll just try to keep you from scoring again. There were a lot of games like that and we were rarely ever coming out on top.

(04:12): We have to be able to score. We have to play offense too. And if you're not playing some offense in whatever battle or challenge that you are facing right now, you are setting yourself up for defeat. And here's your wake up moment. It's time for you to score. We have to take care of the ball so we can actually move forward. You feel like you're under attack today right now is when you fight back. Now you put on that full armor of God and you go charging in a few years ago, the just brief sisterhood did the study. And maybe you guys were a part of it. Or if you remember, maybe you've done it before. It was the armor of God by Priscilla Schreyer. Gosh, it was so, so good. It was life changing really, uh, totally flipped the script for me.

(04:59): And you know, it goes back to that Ephesians six, uh, versus 13 through 17. And it says this therefore put on the full armor of God so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground. And after you have done everything to stand, stand firm, then with the belt of truth, buckled around your waist with the breast play of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this take up the shield of faith with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one, take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God. And what I took away from those verses, which there is so much we can grab a hold, grab a hold of, but the one that sticks out the most with me is that the sword of the spirit means you're gonna do more than just survive the attack.

(06:00): You're actually gonna go to combat. You're gonna fight. You're going to slay. You're going to be a warrior. You're gonna be more than a conquer. You will have overwhelming victory here. So let me ask you, what is the enemy taken from you? Has he taken your confidence? Has he taken your peace? Has he stolen your joy? Has he taken hold of your husband or your, or your kids? Has he taken your passion and your energy? Has he taken your hopes, your dreams? Are you standing here today after his attacks feeling stripped of what you once had, unsure of how to get it back, feeling stuck, feeling overwhelmed, not knowing what to do next. I wanna fire you up here. I wanna stir the fire in your soul once again and give you a reminder of the conqueror you are. And I'm gonna share a couple verses with you that will help you.

(06:54): Jesus said in Luke 10 versus 18 through 19, it says, I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy, nothing will harm you. And there's also, uh, Jesus says in Matthew 16, 18, it says on this rock, I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. How does that not fire you up? Talk about offense, talk about scoring, but I'm sure some of you guys are thinking like, well, what does that all mean, guys? Jesus has given us the authority to overcome and the gates of hell shall not prevail. Something I really never thought about before, after reading and hearing all about the gates of hell. I mean, I started digging a little bit deeper. So why would hell have gates? Is hell trying to keep me out?

(07:51): Because here I am thinking, hell is trying to come after me. Isn't hell trying to push us in, pull us in. It feels like it some days. I know I feel that way and I get it when those words were spoken back in the word, okay, cities had great walls built around them for protection. The gate was to make a wall, you know, a private sanctuary, not necess, you know, not a prison. The gate was away for the people to come and go from the city to be, you know, but be able to close the gate for protection. So the safety of the people depended on the strength of its gates and without a strong gate, they were vulnerable to attacks. So when in battle, the gate was the very first place of attack. If the enemy could get through your gate, they could take your city and all you had in it.

(08:36): So what Jesus is basically telling us here is that we are empowered to attack the gates of hell. We're not here just to play defense and then hide behind the gate, you know, and then turn the ball over. Every time we get it, it's time for some offense, we don't have to hide behind the walls. We attack the gates. We come at the enemy with the power of God and we defeat him. We break through the gates and we claim back those that the enemy has held captive. And I gotta ask you, are you ready to go get what the enemy took from you? Because with God, we are the aggressor. We are warriors. We are fighters. We are not the victims of attack. We have the authority to walk right through this and overcome. Sit on that for a moment.

(09:21): We have the authority to walk right through and overcome. Have we become so dialed in so focused on the attacks that we're under, that we forgotten, we're here to win the battle. Have we forgotten to take up the sword and fight, or are we curled up in a little ball down on our luck, feeling sorry for ourselves, settling, taking all the beatings that come our way. Have we forgotten the gates of how shall not prevail? And that means we're to go charging in and reclaim what the enemy has taken. His gates cannot stop us. He can't keep us out. So stop being the victim that has been on my heart so much lately. So many of us are walking around with this victim mindset. And I, to be honest with you, I cringe and I know I've been guilty of that myself, but we are more than a conquer because of Jesus and the power he has given us.

(10:15): If we want back what he has taken from us, then we must charge the gates. We must charge the day. They won't prevail against us and our full armor. And if we go back to Ephesians in six 12, it says for our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of the stark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. And I don't wanna, uh, you know, spoil the story or anything. I don't think I'm going to, but we all know how this ends. We know the devil is defeated. We know ultimate victory is here. That overwhelming victory we know greater is he who is in me than he, who is in this world. We know when Jesus says I saw Satan fall like lightning, he's going to fall like lightning. And we're the ones.

(11:03): God has the power to help take him down. He has chosen us. So I'm just gonna be really, really bold here and say it like this, stop giving up. When the enemy comes and take something from you, stop settling and assuming it's just lost. And this is the way it's gonna be. That it's just the way it is. I know that that's just self protection. It's like a mechanism that we build up all these walls from the hurt of losing or the loss, the pain, the trauma, whatever it is that you have gone through. But this isn't over, your story's not over. God is calling us to get up and fight, charge the gates where the enemy is hiding and holding all that he has stolen from you. His gates shall not prevail. They can't hold us back. And I don't. I, gosh, don't you, you dare give up and surrender and defeat.

(11:55): Don't just fight this battle on defense and do not walk around like a victim. God has equipped you and me to walk through the fiery flames and not be burned. He will not leave us nor forsake us in this. He will make a way he will supernaturally strengthen us to do the impossible things through Christ Jesus break through those gates claim back what the enemy has held captive. What is it? Who is it? What has the enemy taken from you stolen from you? Say it, call it out, get fired up here, guys. Shut the attacks down. I encourage you to stand strong and do not allow the attacks on your family or allow anything or anyone to come and take from you. What God put inside you. Nothing can be stolen from you. Nothing can crush you. Nothing can come in and destroy you and all the good in your life unless you choose for it to, unless you choose to stay the victim, choose a different way to show up and fight.

(12:51): Don't allow the things to be taken from you. Keep what is yours, that storm cloud, the enemy and all that is coming after you. They better get ready because we are going to keep what is ours. We are reclaiming the promises of God over our lives, over our marriages, over our children, over our God-given hopes, our dreams, our potential God's purposes will not only survive the attacks of the enemy. They will thrive in the face of it. All. This is our promise. God's purposes will not be defeated. He started something good in you and his purpose is to complete it. So that means the attacks of the enemy shall come under attack by you and will come under attack by me. Will you not only choose to protect what God started in your life, but will you fight to get it back, man, I'm fired up.

(13:41): This is so good. If you're wanting even more fire in your day, there is so much for you to do so. You can follow me on Instagram snag, a copy of my book, set free on Amazon. Join us in the fit and fears for the flip, the script. One-on-one nutrition, coaching. The next retreat. We've been all over the place, taken on epic adventures and St. Thomas is next and we want you there. And if you're wanting to do your own road trip, you can hop in our sprinter van that sleeps up to five and hit the open road. Be sure to go to Jill Allen, coaching.com for all updates and join the just breathe Facebook group. We would love to connect with you heads up on the next episode, we are having a special guest, Isaiah sharing his story and what it means to overcome. I'm telling you, you will want to stay connected with this kid and his journey. God has big plans for him. So be sure to pop back in next week.

Thanks so much for joining us today. And I pray that we filled your heart with joy. If you could let us know before hopping off here today, that would be incredible. Subscribe, share this episode, link on your social media. If you felt encouraged or inspired, as we all know someone that can benefit, I would love it. If you would give some feedback and a review as well, talk with you next time. Be fit, be fierce, be unstoppable. See ya.

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