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In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • The weird way fasting puts your prayers on “steroids” (8:22)
  • How to finally break free from the chains of misery to live a happier and more free life (15:46)
  • Common misconceptions on fasting that are thwarting your spiritual breakthrough (16:08)
  • The counterintuitive way working out could drive you further from God (20:51)
  • How spending more time in prayer gives you MORE time in your day (24:42)
  • Why fasting for the wrong reasons hijacks all its benefits (30:45)
  • The simple, yet challenging way to have an inner transformation that brings you closer to God (32:04)

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Hi there. I'm Jill Allen and this is find your fierce, the show designed for women to discover your fierce, unlock and unstoppable mindset. Build unbreakable courage and completely transform how you show up every single day. Each week I will bring ideas, methods and strategies that will inspire you to step into your greatness and live life on purpose. Let's be fit, fierce and unstoppable.

(00:36): Hey there. Welcome to find your fierce. We are going to continue to live, just breathe. Flip the script series, my friend, Shannon and Crystal, and I. We've been coming together in the just breathe group each week and diving into topics such as identity, the power of our words, prayer. So glad that you are back joining us today, but before we switch over to our discussion, if you have not done so yet, and want to join a sisterhood to grow in your faith, join the just brief Facebook group. Let's dive into this week's topic. Enjoy, Hey everyone. How are you? You guys are hopping on say hi, Shannon and crystal. We're all here for the flip, the script. And today I tell you how things just evolve. And I gotta say, God is pretty amazing when he places things in our hearts and it's just ignites from there.

(01:24): And so that's kind of what's happening here today. If you guys looked at yesterday's posts that I shared with you, it was first Corinthians six, 13, right? And talking about, let me bring that up. Our bodies were made for the Lord and the Lord cares about our bodies and that was on my heart yesterday. And I know this whole entire group or a flip the script. It started when we were chatting about weight loss and our bodies and what we were speaking to ourselves. And we're flipping that script. And so here we are, if you guys, I'm sure you guys know all about intermittent fasting, you could probably put something down in the comments, let us know if you have tried that, but we want to encourage you. And we've been diving in flipping that script and talking about fasting and going from self to sacrifice in the way that God has intended it.

(02:19): And that's kind of what we're diving in. So let us know if you've ever done intermittent fasting, and yet you're seeking more because of this, because it doesn't always work when we have that mindset. And when we have that heart posture. So tell us, ladies, what do you got? Have you done that? And you tried that I've never tried intermittent fasting. I have to say I did not. Yeah, no. I honestly did not do any fasting until I started to read the word of God and understand it. And then, then it was once I understood what fastening was biblically, then I did it, but I never, like, I can't say I jumped on trend of the intermittent

(03:00): Fasting, totally understanding the benefits of it. You know, not that it's not beneficial for like sugar levels and getting your body back on track, those kinds of things. But it was definitely not something that I had ever done. I was that eat every two hours type of girl. So I don't know crystal, what about you? I haven't done it before, but it's something that I just never saw any, any kind of like benefit from. And, and now I know why, like, as I've gotten in the word and my heart clusters in a completely different place, now I know why like it's, it was just the wrong, the wrong heart question, the wrong things that I was going after.

(03:36): Mindset is all about the weight loss and the, and, and the, the willpower and the restrictions and trying to do it on your own. The thing with me when it comes to fasting or even eating in general, it's very hard for me to even go without two, two and a half hours. I've been trained that way. I've been, you know, I get hungry. I don't know about you guys. You get hungry or, and you get angry and irritable. And when you pride yourself or when you sacrifice, or when you give things up and rely only on your will your willpower, just you, it doesn't always end up the best way, or you're not getting the results that you're looking for, even within your heart. I think that's, that's the biggest thing. And so I could never go two hours without, so fasting was a whole new thing and flipping a switch. It's not the focus on the weight loss. If you get it in the right fasting mindset, it's about breaking free inner transformation,

(04:33): Seeking the Lord.

(04:35): That's when things begin to shift, that's when things begin to change from that. And so you guys have any experience with massive breakthroughs.

(04:44): Nope. She figured because none of you guys said heart, heart posture. And I immediately went to first Samuel 16 seven. And I mean, of course this is, you know, David, you know, it's this whole like buildup to where David goes and battles Goliath, right? And so God talk about giants, right? So weight loss for a lot of women is a giant. And what I love about that scripture, Samuel 16 seven, it says first name was 16. Seven says that God does not judge by outward appearance, but that which is in a man's heart. And so when we go into these places of fasting, if the fasting is for self and self gratification or, you know, self for the outside, it is a wrong heart posture in the truth is like, I mean, let's be honest. God's gonna let you do it right. He's going to let you do it because you have doing free will.

(05:37): So he's going to let you do it. And I think that for me, in, in weight loss or weight maintenance, cause mine was more now I'm at the point in life where now weight loss is something that I do need to be very conscious about what I eat and things like that. But in the past it was weight maintenance. And so that's why the two hours a day, all the time for me and that kind of thing when understood what God said about fast, when it came to pass thing. And I actually started to study the Lord and what the Lord was saying about fasting and understanding the spiritual aspect of the, what, of what fasting is. I mean, for me the very first introduction to fasting, it all was Esther and it was the Esther fast, you know? So it was like three days, she didn't do food or water, God, praise him.

(06:23): He's not calling me to food in no water, but yeah, I've done that. You know, the fast with water, which is amazing, but to understand like, you know, her positioning and where and why God called her to the fast, and that's the difference. We want to do things for ourselves. And God's like, no, if you allow me to do it, I'm the one that will lead you into the fast and as fast, we'll leave you the breakthrough in which I need you to breakthrough right now in this season. So that's kind of like in a nutshell, I was talking about the distraction and the nutshell, you know, where fasting was for me. And in that, that part posture to understanding, yes, I'm going to do it this way, but then God's like, no, if you do it for me, this is a breakthrough for what I need for you to do.

(07:07): I know for me, I've heard many times, many people say, and even looking in scripture that oftentimes prayer and fasting is what is required for breakthrough. Like I heard Shannon say breakthrough. And so I'm trying to think how long ago it was. But a friend, we started a prayer group every day at noon, and it started with a Daniel fast and and praying together. And that was, we were praying for our marriages, praying for our children, because we were looking for breakthrough in those areas. And only certain things like there's just certain things that are only gonna come and you're only going to get breakthrough. It's like, you're just, you're dying to yourself. You know, you're, you're putting God completely first because I mean, how many of us go with a strict, whether it's the Daniel fans, which that's like fruits, vegetables, and you know, not some water and stuff or what you're saying, like a fasting with just water. Like how many of us do that successfully on our own? You know, of just, but when it's, yeah. When it's when your heart posture, like what you're talking about, like when your heart posture is in a place of seeking, like there's, there's breakthrough that you need. And I just feel like someone that's listening is like, there's certain areas in your life right now that you've been praying for and your ears are perking right now, because there are certain things that are only broken with prayer.

(08:39): And so again,

(08:41): It's coming from a different perspective

(08:44): And it's completely putting the Lord first. And,

(08:48): And it's amazing when you do, because we saw and have been seeing in this group just breakthrough after breakthrough in marriages, in our children. And here's the clincher and ourselves, it's just been amazing,

(09:04): Which will in turn impact. Every single person we are called to interact with, which is, well, everyone, you know, I mean, we're supposed to, you know, gather people, you know, and show them, you know, who Jesus is and, and the impact that he can have on your life. But it's, it's going to take us before we hopped on here today, guys, you know, we talked a little bit about how we can help others, but let's touch base, I think a little bit more on what crystal you just said, you know, the things that we need to break away from us, the addictions and those breakthroughs. I mean, let's, if you guys are needing a breakthrough, show us in the comments and, you know, shout it out and we'll definitely, you know, respond and, and pray with you on that. But what kind of breakthroughs were you guys looking for in addition to our marriage and our family? You know, I I'm thinking addictions that any of us may have.

(09:53): I know the fact that the Lord has called me to, you know, I don't, I don't fast just to fast, like for me, knowing the spiritual aspect of it, God expects of it. I mean, when we look in the book of acts, they prayed in the facet for the 12th disciple, right? Judas is gone and it's between two men and the disciples, the apostles prayed and fasted before they cast lots, right. And chose the 12th disciple that would, that would come in and it's wealth the possible. And so if it is so important to walk that way, the way Jesus, did you even pick leadership, then it's not something that we should just do flippantly. Like this is something that we seek God's face on it. And I can say there's one that I just really, I guess, like for me on my heart and why Esther came up to me is the call on my life.

(10:47): The column, my life is to pay attention to politics, which is not something I like to do at all. But I'm just thinking of one in particular, I was called to an Esther fast with water. God was very gracious and said, drink water, baby. But I want nothing, nothing, nothing for you. And I said, okay, so my daughter's eighth grade class, I'm, I've been try to make this as quick as possible. But my daughter's eighth grade class was going to Washington DC. Now years past, it was always an April trip. Okay. For some reason, our seventh grade year, they decided which I look back on it. I'm like, there's no summaries and this has gotten driven, but they decided to flip it from April to November. So they went in April of 19, that eighth grade class went in April of 19. Then my daughter's class, eighth grade class, coming back to school, went in November of 19.

(11:39): So in 2019 articles, this and went to BC twice between April and November. Right. I have God bumps all over me, all like seriously. So I go to prayer one day and God is like, you're going to fast for DC. And I went, okay, so immediately I'm going into the political scene of Esther, right? She caused this three day fast to break the annihilation of her people to break it. She was literally putting herself on the line because in this fast, she's going, you know, she's going to go to the King to break open this ploy, right? That was, it was quota. So she caused the entire nation to go to this fast with her fast with me for three days. And she prayed and she passed it for direction on how this was all going to unfold. So God called me to this three day fast.

(12:29): We're leaving for Washington, D C on November 12th. He calls me to the fast one, November 11th, 11, 11. He calls me to this fast. He says, I want you to start this fast on that day. And I said, okay, November 12th was our first travel day. So I had done 24 hours once there. And what he said was, he said, I need you to fast for your country. I had no idea why I was doing it. I need you to fast for your country. And when you're in Washington, DC, I want you to pray everywhere. I tell you to pray. Now, listen, there are so many, so many God winks. So many God things that happened while I was in Washington, DC, but I'm just going to touch on the past. So I'm praying and all kinds of different places. God's showing me so many different things from things in the Holocaust museum, things at JFK, his burial site, the black history museum and all of these things.

(13:18): And I'm telling you the warfare that I went through, you want to talk about being hungry, being tented, being wary, being tired. We're walking my second full day of fasting. We walked over 20 miles over 20 miles. The next day, when we were doing a bus, we walked 24 miles, the following day, 24 miles, the following day. And that was my third day of fasting. And I was like, lit honest to goodness. There was no way in any way, shape or form. I could have done it without the grace of the Lord. And to be in that constant prayer on that three days. And when I think about being sent there in November, and then we have everything that hits in March, I was like, Lord, sometimes we don't even know why we're fasting or why we're called to it. But when I look back at that governmental fast that he put me on, I'm like, Oh, well, gosh, now I know why you have me fast and pray in the streets, museums, you know, the, the cemetery, you know, like Arlington.

(14:17): I'm like, wow Lord. So, you know, and that is dying to myself for our country. And not to me, I'm like, wow, if he can, if he can break stuff, you know, or bring things to the surface through one person, which I'm sure I'm not the only person that was constantly fast at that particular moment, maybe somebody else around the world or in a different place. But I just think, wow, God, how you work in why we fast? It's not about us. It's about something bigger. And so for me, just as a governmental with Esther, and with that, that's just a little testimony I can share as far as being called sacrifice and living that sacrifice instead of selfish.

(14:59): Well, and it's for the closeness of God, you know, I think of like humility to humble herself, you know, through this. And again, just so much clarity, there's clarity in, in our hearts and direction yet we're flipping it.

(15:15): We're flipping it to hear his voice. I mean, that's what it is. It is for clear direction. You know what I think about scripture, like the sons of it's a car in the old Testament, they were the ones that prayed for direction in the season. And I think about that fat thing sometimes, you know, it's for you in this season. What does God want you to do in this place? It right now, even if that, if that season is three months, if it's six years, what is it that he wants to free you from? These are changed when we fast and we pray, we are legitimately having keys that unlock the chain and the bondage off of us so that we can walk out and walk free, breaking away from that and walking into the next season, lighter, you know, bringing things to the surface that we didn't realize were there. And you're like, Oh gosh, Lord. Okay, thank you for that.

(16:07): You fast. Or what are your thoughts on this? Can you fast something other than food? Yeah. Okay. Let's, let's go that route too, because it's something, you know, someone might be sitting here and thinking, Oh my gosh, I don't feel that call right now. Is there something that others can have a breakthrough by fasting something else?

(16:26): I might be anything that someone is putting first. Like if you're putting things that are ahead of the Lord, and I know, you know what that is, you know if it's something that is just dominating your time that just really is just this imbalance that you're not seeking him first. Then that could be something that you're being called away from so that your focus that's grabbing your attention can be put appropriately where it needs to go. Because that scripture, it says, seek me first, seek me first, the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you. So if, if there's other things and it might not be food, you know, and there might be other things that are getting in the way of that. And if you will just, I mean, even sit and ask the Lord and be like, what are those things that I placed in front of you?

(17:23): What are the things that I am putting ahead of you that distracts me from you? And I think you'll know, you'll know what they are. And again, that closeness, you know, because you're putting in proper order of the way things should be. I got called to fast from Facebook, honestly, goodness. I was a three day fast. It ended up being a six day, but three days he gave me three things that I needed to get out of my life. He's like, if you trust me with this caffeine was one and then Facebook. And there was another one that I still can't remember. I could go back in my journal and see what the Lord told me that I didn't realize how much attention I was given to social media, just keeping up with it, honestly. And I wasn't really keeping up with anything. I was just scrolling, but I didn't realize I was scrolling six hours a day.

(18:14): And I'm like, wow. You know, I was complaining about not getting anything done. And God was like, that's cause you didn't ask me. I'll tell you why you're not getting anything done. But he literally asked me to take that, took it six days and I went, and then now I'm still fast. And from Twitter, social media is something that I can be sucked in by. And I was like, Twitter maniac, honestly, like I wasn't tweeting. I was just following and scrolling and I would be on all day. And I got a new phone three months ago and I've not put Twitter on my phone. God was like, it's not going back home. So we're talking for three months fast from Twitter. And I really don't have a desire to go back to break off breakthrough breaking free. Yes. I remember you telling me about how you were called away from even working out because of just how disbalanced you should, you should definitely share that because just the disbalance of, of how you viewed that, that, that was your I'll let you tell it.

(19:19): Oh gosh, man. I didn't really, I feel like I'm dominating this Lord. Jesus. Okay. So my 20 years in it, my husband, which y'all just got to see, he's literally the life of the party. He's my fun guy. He has a trainer when we started dating. It was, you know, it was, he was working out for specific reason at that time in our life. So we became a part of who we were and I didn't realize that it became an idol in my life. And then God placed in my lap, a business that I did love. I love the supplementation. I loved the elevated place that that was like fuel to the fire of, of where I already was. And then my husband was training in a gym specifically. I was there five days a week, two and a half hours, Monday through Friday, no joke.

(20:07): I would take Saturdays and Sundays off, but I was just like pushing and pushing and pushing. And this went on for years, for years. And then all of a sudden, nothing changes, right? My workouts are pretty much the same. I knew how to cycle of mouth. I'm in one of my cycles and I'm dizzy. And I was like, wait a minute. This should not like, this is nothing new under the sun for me, this, I should not be feeling this way. Something's off. And then I noticed it happened again. And my daughter happened to drive separately and I was working out and I had to sit down. I was dizzy. I was losing my footing. And I, I was, I felt like I was going to vomit. And she said, mom, are you okay? And I was like, no, I think you're going to need to drive me home.

(20:50): And that was the beginning. That was the beginning of God, pooling, working out out of my life. And then in 2017, that was approximately 2016 ish. Then in 2017, the Lord told me, he said, that's an idol. He said, you put that before me. He was like, I'm the one that heals your body. I'm the one that knows what your body needs to work out. I'm the one that will sustain you. And when he, to this day, I have not really been, I have not been back in the gym. Like I have not been back in the gym. I do have a regimen of workout that the Lord told me at my age for my body type, the food that he wants me to eat. God is now in the driver's seat for me. And what's appropriate for my body, not what I had been used to, not what, you know, I thought physically on the outside, I mean, rights, senior 67, God is not judged by outward appearance, but we are in this society where they did.

(21:52): And I felt like I needed to keep up with the Joneses. So therefore I was putting that as an idol in front of what God really needed from my body. And so he literally stripped me from all of it, every single bit of it, all of it and has rebuilt my feet and my direction and my understanding of what eating properly and working out for God versus myself. So that was, we're talking a long, fast because the gym was my, I don't know. I even how to explain it, it was like, it was like my drug. It was my addiction. You know, it was that really, you know, and being, I mean, this was a while ago. So we're talking, you know, early, late thirties, early forties, I'm in my latter forties now, but, and I was trying to look like a 20 year old, 20 year old tour. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you. Jesus. Grab me fast from a gym each day. I loved it, but that is, that's my story. I mean, literally just pull me right out. Cause I know you love that more than you love me. And I need you to flip that. I was like

(22:59): Interference kicks in

(23:02): Very much. So we all have

(23:04): Something in our life that is yeah, right there. So it'd be interesting to see or hear what others imbalanced imbalances are or to do that. Self-Reflection that might be this week's assignment just to kind of reflect and think about what stealing, you know, the first place or the

(23:28): Absolutely. That's a great journaling exercise. You know, what are the idols in your life? Anything that you put in front of God is an idol. Anything, your phone, your kids, your husband, I mean just marriages alone and Ephesians five. It tells women to submit to their husbands, as you would submit to Christ, you're still putting Christ before your heavy. Do you know what I mean? So how you would honor Jesus is how you would honor your husband. So even in those aspects, you know, what is that a house cleaning? I have a girlfriend who she was like, you would be so proud of me because I leave crumbs on my counter when I go to bed now. And I mean, she would literally put cleaning above everything, honest to goodness. She would put that or her kids, her bank account was being run dry because whenever her kids need it, even if they didn't have it, she was still doing that.

(24:14): And so it's beautiful to see when God grabbed her. All of that is so flipped. I mean, it is so good in the neighborhood, in her, in her house or finances or more her house is like, she's not worried. She's like, how's it still getting clean? She goes, I've read more with God and pray more with God. Now I'm in prayer and fasting. She felt led to really like, Lord, how do you want me to eat? So she started to seek God out and now it has been this feeding thing for her. And she prays with him constantly, you know? And she's like, I pray more than I cleaned my house, but yet my house is still clean. And before she felt like she had zero time to do it. So it's amazing when you flip it and put that career and that fast and you know, what are, what do you want me to take out? So that is in your journal this week, right? What are you putting in front of God? You may not even know. You may be start writing. And then before, you know, you got 25 things. You're like, Oh my gosh, I didn't realize I was putting all of that in front of the Lord. Yeah.

(25:10): Like we all need that. We're going through life. And this is just kind of an interruption and a wake up call as to what is it that we need to take out or what we're bowing down to.

(25:21): We, our own biggest, biggest obstacle once we realized that, because I mean, as women guys, we are fixers. Like we want everything in, okay. I'll just speak for myself. But I'm thinking a lot of women are like this because for managing households, children, you know, we're doing everything. And then we started doing that in our own life. Right. Instead of looking to the one that is saying, give it all to me. So we're standing in the way of allowing the Lord to really minister to us that we, you know, what are we turning to instead of to him. And that may be I, and I'm not saying like, I know in Shannon's case it was an idol, you know, the workout was an idol, but if you're going to that particular thing, whatever it is, instead of God, that's something to pay attention to because he wants it all. So I'm just sitting here thinking we have to get out of God's way. You know, we need to get out of God's way and just pay attention, you know, as we're journaling, like that's a great, like journal it, write it down and you will know, okay, that is an obstacle that is standing in my freedom in the way of my freedom of being able to hear God more clearly being able to give it to him instead of carrying it and trying to fix it myself. And I don't want to be that obstacle

(26:44): Anymore. So yeah, on the flip side, what's so amazing is when you do have those breakthroughs, when you do have that clarity, when you do have that freedom, when you have all of that, then guys imagine yourself having that. I mean, I think that's, it's like, I want to paint this vision for women because, and if this is just a glimpse in your day of what's possible for you. And I think that's kind of why we're all here is for us to be able to share that glimpse with you. And we need to do what we need to do with the time creating that time, carving that time out, whether it's five minutes. I know we've talked about this. Like I know when years ago when I started with devotions daily devotions, if that's what you have right now, guys, we want this to be very real with you as to wherever you are in your life.

(27:31): And if it's a five minute devotion, if it's, you know, if you're taking a walk and that's your time that you get to spend with the Lord, then that's what you got to embrace or Bible studies. I know. And it just, I think it evolves to maybe, maybe you being called to a three day fast or something that would have that massive breakthrough, but we want you guys to be able to start where you are and get that glimpse. And when that happens, that fire ignites your heart explodes and you're asking for more. Absolutely. I know. Yeah. So self to sacrifice. And I think before we got on crystal brought up you know, one 39 about that, seek me a Lord and see if there's any wicked way within me, test me and know my anxious thoughts. And I think that is, that is a place that I lived for a while. And I love being reminded of it. I went through a season where I was crying. Not ever again, you know, Lord, what is it in me? What am I anxious about? What am I nervous about? You know, what in me is not pleasing unto you. And that definitely helped. And that was a season of fast after, fast after fast, because you know, it did bring me to those points of, you know, when you're hungry, you're hungry, you know, like, yeah.

(28:54): In Washington, DC, I woke up this so funny, my daughter comes into my hotel room. I'm white is a sheet sweating. She's like, you okay? And I'm like, yeah, fine. I'm fine. Not, I was not fine. I wasn't fine because I knew God had me, but I went over. This is so funny, but I'm literally went over to him a bag of chips because I knew I was going to be able to eat on the four of the trip. So I like open this bag of chips. I'm standing there with his chest. Massive Lord. It is so bad this morning, just one chip. I was bargaining with the Lord, literally bargaining with the Lord. And I was so clear that you heard no, and I went, are you sure? No. And I went over to change the, put my pants on and then had

(29:42): My moment with the Lord and honest to goodness. Like I had five minutes where God who's like really dealing with me. And then the rest of the day totally chill. Like he used to say, I got through that ma I mean, it was when I say temptation in like physical, you know, things like sweating and feeling, you know, things. I'm like, okay, Lord, I don't know if I can go this whole day without eating. And he said, yeah, you can. And sure enough, you dealt with me for five minutes. And the rest of the day, I was fine. I knew I could eat at six 30 that night. We went to this amazing place. I ate like a champ because the Lord said I could. And you know, there was praying and I, and I resisted the temptation of giving you. There's no way possible humanly. I could have done that. And I had the, remember why I was called to do that while I was there. It wasn't about me. You know? So I love that, you know, in those moments, the God will sustain Winona life. And I hate no. Okay. You know what I mean? You just know, grab another glass of water, girl. You can't

(30:47): Doing it for weight loss or for the wrong mindset. You probably were dug down into the chips and then you would have felt guilty and condemned yourself and just,

(30:56): Oh yeah, guilty condemnation. You probably wouldn't lasted the first day. If it would have been for us. Like that just doesn't happen. That's crazy. Like, that's crazy. He's that good? Not faithful. You know? And he's just saying, listen, I've got so much more for you. And this is a testing of your boundary. Sometimes we're like, Oh, I can't one of the phrases and listen, I still say it, but I don't like it. I don't like it. And it's something that I want to change. I can't, I can't, you can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. You know what I mean? I'm like, yes, you can. You can. When we say I can't, I've never, I'm don't, I've always been. And God's like, I don't care if you can't never don't you've always been, I'm telling you, I know who you are. So if you trust me in this season and you trust me in this path, you watch and see what you can do, what you have always been able to do. You know what I mean? And no, you have not always been that way. Cause I created you. So I know you haven't always been that way. I know who you are. And so in these prayer fasting moments, you're like, wow, Lord, seriously, if I didn't think you were amazing before, thank you for showing me that I can rely on you and did this prayer and fasting thing is amazing through you.

(32:20): I have inspired someone to dive into this a little bit more for their break for the breakthrough and their inner transformation and that connection, what they have with the Lord.

(32:31): I love it. Come on, Jesus. He's good. Y'all Jesus is so good. He can. I mean, literally when he says, you know, marry, he's not kidding. He's like the best husband you'll ever have. And it's so good when you understand that, that friendship and that, you know, be in the bride of Jesus. Like it is so gorgeous and it's so freeing. So I do, I encourage to pray again. Don't last on your own accord. You want to fact ask the Lord and he will sustain you. He's going to tell you what to get rid of in the it's not like you got to jump everything off. He does it. He's such a good, good father, you know, merciful and graceful. And he literally will give you what you can handle. You'll think you can't, and he'll give you what you can handle in this season. And then the next season we'll bring some more and he's just so good that way. So good. You don't have to rely on your own willpower. It's him stepping in.

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