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  • The “PRAY Method” that helps you pray about anything the right way (6:27)
  • Why Google is better than the Bible for learning scripture relevant to your life (8:25)
  • How to harness the power of the Holy Spirit to pray for you when you can’t (even if you’ve had a stroke and can’t physically speak) (16:09)
  • How surrendering helps you solve any problem you encounter (23:49)
  • Why none of your prayers are getting answered (and how to fix it) (24:07)

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Hi there. I'm Jill Allen and this is find your fierce, the show designed for women to discover your fierce, unlock and unstoppable mindset. Build unbreakable courage and completely transform how you show up every single day. Each week I will bring ideas, methods and strategies that will inspire you to step into your greatness and live life on purpose. Let's be fit, fierce and unstoppable.

(00:34): Hey there. Welcome to find your fierce. We are going to continue the live, just brief flip the script series and our discussion from last week, my friend, Shannon and crystal and I we've been coming together in the just breathe group each week and diving into topics such as identity, the power of our words, prayer. And this week, we're going to continue our discussion so glad that you are back joining us today. But before we switch over to our discussion, if you have not done so yet, and want to join a sisterhood to grow in your faith, join the just brief Facebook group. Let's dive into this week's topic. Enjoy, I think just flipping the script on, I mean, you could have stayed down in that meltdown mode and that was a script that was flipped. It was, and you know, I could have been weak and would have been, you know, like I was holding onto the promise.

(01:18): I thought, well, okay Lord, if you want me to go and you want me to get alone, but you know that I can't, you know, I went through all of this negotiation part and it was like that. That's still like, you know how scripture talks about that? Still small voice that still small voice in me was like, hold on, just hang on a little longer, just hold on a minute. They've come in. So it was that in that prayer, just hanging on to that, but in the impatience, you know, when we think about flipping the script, we want what we want when we want it. And that's where worry comes in. It's because like, we have this idea of what it should look like. And then the worry comes on in and God is like, girl, this isn't even, no, if you allow me to do it, the worry is gone.

(02:02): It's out of there. And so it really ended up being like more towards, it was how the piece started to come with it. But it took a long time. I mean, that's, that was many months of praying almost a year, solid of praying for that car and cause he promised it. So when it is that patient's flipping that script. I don't have it now. That's okay. I can be patient and God will bring it when it's time. Well, I know that needs to be flipped even in my world. And I don't know if I intentionally say it. I don't think I wake up and I say it. I think it's just something, the way that I respond. And I think a lot of women respond and you said something about, you know, the way we think it is to look like. I think even in my world is that I think our response should be a response of how that should look like that.

(02:51): Let me come in and let me fix that. Let me go find that car. Let me go do this. And versus stepping back or a script or something that I say is, well, if I don't do anything about this, then I must not care. You know, I'm not caring enough as I should. So I need to go in and, you know, worry or versus, okay, where's that patience. Where can we sit back and pray and let God take the wheel where we just want to control that wheel. We do what we can be miss fix it. Especially when it comes to our kids, it comes to our household, it comes to our husbands. We want to fix it. And the thing is, is we don't need to fix it. He's already fixed it, which is really like, you know, amazing to think that like, we really don't have control.

(03:38): Like you were talking about earlier. We don't have the control to fix it. You know, our job earthly job is to love them, you know, to rear the kids, to teach them in the ways of the Lord. You know, that's what he calls us to do. And, and you know, to be that helpmate to our husbands and the truth is like, God has the whole thing. So that need to fix it. You know? Oh, we don't want them to cry. We don't want him to feel bad. We want him to be, you know, we go into this mode of, ah, and then that causes the worry, you know, that causes that to build up when we should be like, okay Lord, hold on a minute. Before my day even gets started, let me sit with you. You know, your word says, seek ye first, the kingdom and your righteousness.

(04:19): And then all of these things will be added to us. So we tend to think like, let's go headfirst, let's go, you know, let's do a go, go, go, go. That action. God does call for action. It's not that he doesn't, he's not going to hand everything to you on a silver platter. Right. But you have to seek his will to understand the action steps, your action and his direction of action are two different things. And so, you know, when we have that action, that's what we're like pushing. We're trying to be like bulldozers, right? So like, like push this ground and God is like, no, no, no. I never said you had to push it. He's like, if you trust me and follow me, you'll plow it. The plows behind you. And then all of that soil that tilt up as you're moving forward and following me, you know?

(05:02): And so like going from, you know, from this to the cloud, that's that, that difference between him leading in you trying to push it and you try and do that, you know, just seeking him first and that literally his daily, when you wake up in the morning, my husband just has a really, I'm still, still I'm like, Lord, forgive me because I tend to one, I really things in the morning. And I'm like, I flip through my phone first instead of like, when I Willie or just lay there with my eyes closed and talk to the Lord before I roll over, you know what I mean to get my day started. My husband is awesome. Like that bone is flipped over. He gets up, he sits up in bed. He bows his head, he prays. And then when he is done and he has a direction for the day, then it picks up his phone and I'm like, I have such an example to follow. You know, God says, seek ye first, the kingdom of heaven, not CTE first, your iPhone,

(06:01): Don't pick up your joy garden girl, put that Motorola,

(06:04): Put it down, you know? And then he orders the steps, which helps to take that, take that away. Sorry. I feel like I'm talking a lot. I brought this book out because I think a lot of people maybe don't even know where to start, how to pray. And I think if we can kind of touch base on this, I actually brought out, I love this. It was the armor of God. We had done a Bible study here in the group and on the back of it had a prayer prayer strategy and I loved it. She broke down Priscilla, Schrier broke down the P R a why and to create prayer strategies at four, supposed to pray about everything. And I love this because the P was for the praise and we're supposed to give praise. You just, you know, and, and gratitude to God for, you know, who he is and who he, and what he's already done.

(06:52): And the are, was the repentance. And that spoke volumes to me was because, you know, we need to ask for, I should say, you're lying the strategies up with, give me the courage, give me the trust, you know, and speak it in a way as if we're already doing it, that we're walking in his ways. And then a was asking, a was asking for it. And I, and I be specific and, and personal and make a request now. And the why was yes. And I know Shannon, you got, you do a really good job at this, but you're bringing scripture and with the prayer. And I think as all of us go through this walk and through this journey, that's just going to get stronger and stronger for each of us. Crystal. I know you said, you know, a lot of times we can give praise all day long.

(07:38): We can ask for guidance. We can ask to be turned that, you know, turned to him. And, but we forget to ask, or we don't ask or that we don't think that we're worthy enough to ask for those things. So I love that breakdown for someone that's starting to really take a deep dive into prayer and praying about everything. I love that breakdown. How do you guys pray or break down? I'm part of a, it's a prayer group that we're praying for. We prayed for our marriages and now we're praying for our children. And I shared this today and we're talking about crafting prayers and using scripture to pray that because there are God's promises and it is powerful. It is, it is considered the sword. It is part of our weapon is God's word. So the way I did it, because I crafted my prayer for my family.

(08:29): And I did it some time ago back in may. And that's, that's really pivotal for me, but the way I did it was there were certain things that I wanted for my family. So I just went, I literally did Google. And I said, scripture on. And I typed in whatever it was and it pulled up those scriptures and I wrote them down. And then I went to my Bible and I writing out and I love the passion translation and the message, like, I don't know. It just really, I love them. It puts, I like to compare all of them and grab the one that would really, you know, tugs on my heart. And, but praying that, and that is what I am decreeing and declaring over my family. And it's God's word. So that is how I started. And I encourage every person, you know, to have crafted prayers that you, that you're praying over yourself and over your, you know, over your family.

(09:26): I like that a lot I have in the mornings. Well, for me, when I was first learning how to pray the way I had learned themed far away to me, and I remember getting to the place where I had to really understand my relationship with him. And he went from God to dad. So in the morning, it's like, you know, when you think about your kids getting up out of bed, it was, you know, them running down the hallway, you know what I mean? Or coming down the steps with their cute little sleepy faces and be like, morning mama, you know what I mean, morning daddy, you know, in like each morning, that's like one of the first things that, you know, I do, I will do when I finally get up out of bed. I'm like, good morning, dad, you know, and say like, what do we have?

(10:15): You know, it's like one of those, like just that good morning, like even a greeting to him, but I, you know, right along the line with, Christella like, I love to praise, you know, thank you Lord for this. I tend to thank him a lot for so, so many different things. And usually I'm such a, like, I'm a warrior princess. So I'm normally like, you know, thank you Lord for Psalm 91. And just knowing this, this is just a script that we've known, which is our protection, you know, from our dad, the protection over us and Psalm 91. And then I I'll pray the full armor over us, which is Ephesians chapter six, starting in verse 12 around 12 to 16. And those are things that I love to do. Cause I'm just like, I'm like ready to battle, like, Lord, what do you want us to do today?

(11:01): What are we gonna do? So that tends to be, you know, where I am. But I think like also just knowing like crystal, what you were saying, what you needed. Like, if you don't know, you know, what does the Bible say about this? And then you can get those scriptures, that kind of thing. If you're a woman that needs to know your identity, you know, I'm like, you can pray Psalm one 39 over you, you can pray Proverbs 31 verses 10 through 31 over you. Things like that. So scripture like crystal, like you were seen as so powerful. So those are things. I mean, I've you do the same, but it took me. So for anybody who's listening to this, it's not like that's going to come to you like this. You know what I mean? Like if you, if you don't know scripture, that's totally fine.

(11:45): That's why we have Google. You know what I mean, friends who have been in the faith, you know, that might know scripture a little bit better, or Google was amazing. There were a lot of times I sat and was like, pop. I have no idea what this is. And he's like, you know, I'm sitting there and it's almost like, he was like, well, Google it, you know, alert, you know, where he would tell me or lead me somewhere. But yeah. So in those prayer strategies, like when you don't know what to pray, the best thing to do is to pray God's word. And the songs are the best ones, because those are, you know, those are songs and praise and worship, it's praise and worship. These are songs that were written. And when we go to like different places, most people love this thing. And so that's just singing unto the Lord when you're praying enough songs.

(12:29): So those were, those are things that I started to learn until I got really good, really understanding the word and how you know, how to pray it. That way you just hit something. When you said when we don't know what to pray, my mind went immediately. What is it? Romans eight 20 something. I've gotta pull it up because I feel like there's many that are like, I don't know, just not, not totally believing. There's a hopelessness. Maybe that you're just not believing that God healed 26. Is it eight 24? Because we're so focused on what we see. Yeah. Or past experiences or yeah. I mean, it definitely can weigh in. Yes, it is eight 26 and I am reading the passion. So I'm just going to read it. And it says, and in a similar way, the Holy spirit takes hold of us in our human frailty to empower us in our weakness.

(13:27): For example, at times we don't even know how to pray or know the best things to ask for, but the Holy spirit rises up within us to super intercede on our behalf, pleading to God with emotional size, too deep, for words, God, the searcher of the heart knows fully our longings. Yet. He also understands the desires of the spirit because the Holy spirit passionately pleads before God, for us, his Holy ones in perfect harmony with God's plan and our destiny, that's really pivotal in my walk because of what I went through. And I don't know, we haven't really talked about it on here, but back in the end of may, on May 29th, I had a stroke and I knew it was an attack of the enemy. And I knew that it was an attack to take me out and my life and the calling that God has on me.

(14:20): And, and it's interesting because everything that was happening, I mean, it wasn't, it wasn't pleasant. Let's just say that. But I knew that I knew that I needed to grab hold of, I called Shannon first and she was with all of her ministry sisters. And she's like, we're, we are praying for you. We are warring for you. And then I called my friend Kim, and she said, pray in your prayer language, which is what this scripture is talking about. Pray in your prayer language and don't stop. And that was Holy spirit praying on my behalf. Now the thing that I want to tell you is that I could not speak, I could not talk. My words were slurred. I had, I mean, I, no one could understand me. Like as time went, it got worse. I could not lift my arms. My arms were like numb and were not functioning like right now.

(15:20): And when I prayed in the spirit, I am talking like, I could talk, like I am talking to you right now. There was no hindrance whatsoever. My arms were in the air. And the funny part of the story is that I got in the squad and the paramedic looking at me and he gets out of the, out of the squad and he goes over to my husband and he says, does your wife speak another language? That was just, I crack up? And my husband's like, no. And he's like, Oh, Oh she's praying in tongues. Just let her do that. And and so that's like the funny part of this, but my point is telling you that I could not pray for myself. I could not, I could not speak, I couldn't lift my hands. I couldn't do any of that. But when I was praying in the spirit, it was, I mean, it was a miracle.

(16:22): And any, any neurologists that would tell you what was happening to me would say that is not possible what she was doing. And I, so I hope that speaks to somebody, the power in that, because I didn't have my per language. It was in 2016, I believe 17, 17. And I was doing a, I was looking up, a friend of mine, did a topic and I wanted to talk on it at a training. And I pulled it up. Didn't know she was a pastor at all. And I look up her name and the topic that I wanted to talk about and a sermon of hers came up and it was about prayer language. And she said something that I have never forgotten. And I repeat it all the time. She said, praying without your prayer language is like going to war with a butter knife.

(17:16): And I was like, I don't know about you, but I am not going to war with the butter knife. Like I want the full, you know, armor sword, all of it. And prayer is part of it. And I know a lot of people that topic is not talked about enough anywhere and it needs to be. And I just feel like I'm supposed to really emphasize to you. Like I am healed. I am completely healed and praising God for it. And I know, I know that, I know that I know that praying in the spirit was, is why that the Holy spirit was completely worrying for me on my behalf, because I didn't know what I couldn't pray. And it's an example of this scripture. And, and I just feel like I need to say and reiterate that to some, this is foreign to you. Like, you're like, what in the world is she talking about?

(18:12): But I hope this testimony is powerful to you of what I'm saying, because praying in tongues and praying in the spirit is not weird. That is the enemy trying to get used to that. You don't have your weapon so that you are going to war with a butter knife. And it's just, it's a powerful part of prayer. And it's something that I do every single day, most of the day, where I am just praying about things that tug on my heart and, and it's powerful. It is absolutely powerful. Sorry. I kind of hogged that, but I felt like that needed to be talked about now. And you touched on it like people that may not know what that is, you know, and it may be a topic. So this is something that you want us to speak about, or one of the teach about let us know, let us know in the comments you know, message, whatever that is, let us know.

(19:03): And this is something that we could do in deeper teaching on that would be good. No butter knives, no butter. No, no. The prayer is what holds the whole entire armor of God together too. I mean, you can have, you can have your helmet on, you can have, you know, the shoes on, you can have all the, you know, the whole entire armor, but if you're not praying connect all of those together, it doesn't work. There's some gaps. And I think to like, to go to tie, everything that we've talked about in the last three sessions is like, you know, if you, your worthiness and how you feel, you know what I mean? In order to be able to approach the throne of God, you know what I mean? In order to be able to change your words in order to be able to think like, well, how can I go to the throne of the Lord and like ask or things that I really need, you know?

(19:51): And like for anybody who, you know, who, who needs just a little bit to understand, like sometimes there are cover prayers and the Lord showed me and I pray. This helps somebody. I want to do that and then go into John 14 and 15 really quick. But the cake, the Lord showed me a cake three years ago and he said, honey, he goes, listen, when you pray to me, he said, stop giving me the icing. Stop giving me the icing. He says, I want the cake. I want the flour. I want the baking powder. I want the sugar. I want the oil. I want the eggs. He's like, honey, if you can't give me the ingredients and the specifics, like we touched on earlier, the specifics, how can I give you your heart's desire? I've already laid it there, but I want you on your dad.

(20:40): Come out, ask me for these things. And he, John era, Jesus is so specific about that in John's when I read John 14 and 15, I think I've said this before, but I literally like, I can't, my heart is like this because Jesus is talking about how God is in him. And he is in his father and it says and John 14, 14, he says, you may ask me for anything, anything in my name. And I will do it not, I might not think about it. Ask for anything in my name and I will do it honestly. And it's a desire of your heart. These aren't once like just earthly ones. These are things that, you know what, you know what you know, when you pray those back to the Lord, it will be done. And then over in 15, I love this. And 15 starting with verse 16, he says, you did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit that will last.

(21:45): So whatever you ask in my name, the father will give you, this is my command, love each other. So he's talking about, you know, in 15, he's talking about, you know, being a part of the vine, you know, being in the vine, not being separated from him, always, you know, you bear fruit with him only with him, but I love in any way, like when you are plugged into Jesus, when you know that this is where you want to be, and you know that you're just tired of doing legs, the way that you've always done it, you know what I mean? Maybe you've never prayed. Maybe you've just done what you wanted to do. You've worried. You've tried to control, you know, all of these things that we've talked about, but if you've not tried, you've not timed Jesus yet. Maybe you're somebody that's just watching this and you've not tried.

(22:28): Jesus. Listen, when you plug into the vine, when you surrender every single thing that you have ever done in your entire life, and you just say, you know what? Jesus take the wheel because I can't, I can't drive this bus any longer. I cannot drive on this cricket road any longer. You're the one that makes past rate. You're the one that I don't need to worry about. Anything because in you, all things are taken care of. You died for all of it. So you've taken care of everything and I'm done. I'm done. That's what happened to me. Y'all listen. I was a stubborn person back in the day and I thought I could do it my way on how I want to do it. And I've learned right quick that in a moment, in 2011, in a moment, my life was changed. The run was ripped out and I was like, I'm done.

(23:16): I'm done. My life does not belong to me anymore. It is yours. And if from 2011 to where I am now, God has been so patient. So merciful has shown me so much grace in my work. And I'm telling you, he will do it for you. If there's somebody out there is like half I've done too much. I worry all the time because I've done way too much. I've got repercussions consequences coming my way. Don't worry. Jesus has that. It's in the surrender. And in that prayer to him, crying out to him in prayer, literally prayer solves everything. Jesus says, you know, I mean, as it Paul, right, as a power Peter that says pray in all things like everything, all things day and night, start to finish sunrise, sunset praying, always prayer. You brought a topic to mind that there may be some people that are just like, I've been praying and the answer, like I'm not, I'm not getting the answer.

(24:14): A couple of things I want to ask. You know, what's your heart posture. And are you surrendered that it's a of show me the things, show me the things that I need to repent that, that grieved you like show me those things that I need to speak out and I need to repent because those things can hinder your prayers. And it isn't, if you have done that. And you're like, I just want to, I just want to tell you that it's in the waiting and believe me in my own healing that it's in the waiting and it's trusting. And just knowing that there's a song, you know, that even when you don't see it, God has working. So it's just having that, that faith and knowing that I knew I was going to be healed, but let me tell you guys the process of it happening when I couldn't communicate with my family.

(25:11): And I couldn't tell you that a clock on the wall was a clock. And all of that was happening to me. All I could do was pray in the spirit and say, I am healed. God said I am healed and trust it. And you know, here I am. So what a topic, prayer is a big, I mean, it is everything. Or do you want to end in prayer? We can slowly. And you guys please chime in. I'll start us out, father. I just thank you. I just thank you, Lord. I thank you for every person that is listening to this live or even on the replay. I just thank you for hearts to know that prayer, prayer is something that you want us to do. That it's not a wish that it's not a it's not a burden to ask you that you want our hearts to be completely surrendered to you and to rely on you, to completely give ourselves to you in complete surrender and ask you for everything.

(26:12): I just thank you for hearts that are changed and just really have a desire to get alone with you and to pray. And I just thank you, Lord. I just thank you for what you're doing in this group. And I just thank you for every single person listening and just ask for your blessing. Just your blessing over every single person listening right now or in the future on a replay. We just give you praise and glory for it. Just thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. I praise you and thank you for those who have been tuning in each week to us, Lord God. And I just pray a blessing upon them. I thank you, father fuller for your prayer, Lord. I thank you. That that is our language with you. Did you have a love language? And the love language is that we pray with you, Lord, that we are obedient, that we are surrendered, that we pray with you, that we talk with you daily.

(27:05): You are a good, good father who wants to speak to his children who want to hold. He wants you want to hold us, Lord God in your arms to let us know that everything is okay, that we need to not worry about anything that you have provided everything for us. You've made a way you've gone before us, Lord God, father, you come behind us. You are rear guard. Lord God, father, I just praise you. And thank you that you are the one that goes out before us. You were the one that went before when the, when the red sea was split. Lord God. When the Jordan wherever was, was held up, Lord God, the arc went before the Israel lights Lord to hold black, the Jordan at flood stage and dry up the land on the other side. So it was safe for the Israelites to cross.

(27:50): And Lord you do that for us every single day, every single day. Even when we don't see it, you are holding back the waters. You are saving us from being drowned in the things that we feel like we can not get air from Lord. So we thank you for that Lord, if there's anybody that is on this broadcast right now, or somebody who will be listening later and they do not know what a saving relationship with Jesus Christ is, Lord, I pray father that you put it on their hearts. I pray father that they will know that they need to just repent for the things that they have done. Lord God, that they surrender it, all that they, that they acknowledge you. Jesus, that you've died for them on the cross. And then on the third day, Jesus, you Rose from the grave and forgiveness of all of those sins to just see all that in the word.

(28:39): And all they need to do is just ask you into their hearts and proclaim you as their Lord and savior, Lord and father. They are sealed, sealed with the Holy spirit. And so Lord, I just praise you and thank you. That's the simple as it is to be saved, to be loved. And it is the starting point of their relationship of understanding who you are and what your character is. Lord God, the father, I pray in the words that we've spoken today, that it does touch the hearts of anybody in here to understand how much you are, a good, good father. And that prayer is our conversation with you Lord. And so I just lift that and I just bless that with, to you, Lord God. And I bless those who are listening in jesus' precious name. We thank you for this wonderful group that you have, have brought all of us together so that we can have this safe space to grow our face.

(29:30): We thank you for crystal and Shannon and their knowledge and their wisdom of sharing their hearts in their walk with each and every one of us, we ask that you give us the courage and the strength and the faith to always turn to you, to always pray for everything. First thing in the morning, to start our day with you to turn to you. And we ask that you are, we'll do things on your time and that we have the faith and the patience to wait for all the good things that come from you. Jesus's name. Amen. Thank you for joining us today. I always want to invite you to our fit and fierce community. If you have zero energy to focus on yourself and need extra support and accountability from women who know what it's like to juggle a crazy busy life, then head on over to be fit and fierce.com and become unstoppable with us. Or again, if you want to join a sisterhood dedicated to growing your faith joint or just breathe Facebook group heads up on the next episode, the flip the script series, we'll continue. Thanks so much for joining us today. Please subscribe, share this episode, link on your social media. As we all know, someone that can benefit. And I would love it. If you would give some feedback and review as well, talk to the next time, be fair, be unstoppable.

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