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One of the biggest hangups I hear from up and coming podcasters is, "Who will listen to my show?"

And that's a valid question. If you don't have a plan when you get started you could be recording a show no one cares about.

Imagine going through all the trouble of recording your show, editing it, mixing it, getting the perfect cover art, having a professional intro recorded, getting it on iTunes only to find out that no one is listening to your show.

How embarrassing would that be?

How bad would you feel?

You're not alone my friend, I made this mistake several times and it cost me a lot of time and heartache when I first got started podcasting.

Luckily I discovered my FBI Serial Killer method for tracking down your listeners before you ever launch your show.

This way you know what they want before you record anything.

This method almost guarantees you'll have listeners from day 1.

I tell you all about it in video #1 of my Podcast Intensive course.

It's a course I recorded earlier this year where I show everything you need to launch a podcast in three intense 1 hour sessions.

Want in? Then sign up today at http://thepodcastfactory.com/3days

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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