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"If you have to ask then you can't afford it."

Have you ever heard that saying?

Every time I hear it, I crack a smile because there is some truth to it. But most of the rich people I know always ask how much something costs and sometimes even try to get a better deal.

The other day I wrote to ask you what the hardest thing about podcasting is.

And I got a bunch of great questions, one in particular I want to share with you now.

Chrsitian said, "The hardest part is determining when I'm ready for a podcast?"

The smart ass in me wanted to write back and say, "If you have to ask…"

He's a good dude and I figured some of you might be struggling with this same thing.

The simple answer is if you've already got an email list, a product, customers, and fans – then you're ready.

But then again, it depends on your goals.

No matter where you are on your journey there is one resource that I would recommend to help you build your brand, grow your audience, and make more sales.

It's my Podcast Recipes book.

Inside there are 50 recipes I have used over the years to build what you now know as "The Podcast Factory."

The only thing is, you can't buy this book anywhere.

It's not for sale.

The only way to get it is to join me and my merry band of Podcast Mogul's here http://PodcastMogul.com and I'll give it to you at no extra charge.

See you there,
Producer Jonathan

I always laugh when I hear someone say it, because even though it might be true – 

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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