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Former Navy nuclear engineer-turned-email automation specialist Troy Broussard started to feel like he was in the movie Groundhog’s Day…

He could teach email marketing best practices to a company one day, then wake up the next morning and teach the same material.

The consulting money was good, but the problems were always the same…

And he had to teach them over and over (even multiple times to the same company) because their email service provider wasn’t user friendly.

Finally, enough was enough. Troy decided to bypass the need for consulting by building email marketing best practices right into his own platform: BerserkerMail.

The same platform more small businesses like yours are turning to for powerful, effective email marketing without headaches and confusion.

In this episode, Troy shares his thinking behind building best practices into the software itself. And gives practical examples of how BerserkerMail “bakes in” these best practices to empower its users.

Whether you’re looking for the best email marketing software available, or want to learn the principles Troy used so you can apply them to your own products and services, this episode is for you!

Listen now.

Highlights include:

  • How BerserkerMail uses visual cues (like stop signs) to slam the brakes on email marketing mistakes before they happen. (9:01)
  • Steve Jobs’ “Simple Sophistication” doctrine that creates fanatical customers. (12:12)
  • How other email service providers accidentally produce angry subscribers and make you look “250 times stupid” (and how BerserkerMail saves you from humiliation). (5:21)
  • Two key questions to build and refine a product or service customers love. And you can use them as much as you want without ever losing their effectiveness. (13:30)

To get a free BerserkerMail test drive with no credit card required go to https://StartMyTestDrive.com.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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