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You’ve used all the different email marketing software. And they’re so convoluted! They make you pay for features you don’t even want (and never use). And at the snap of a finger they can ban you, robbing you of your livelihood.

It’s all so ridiculous you wonder: “Do the people who made this even send emails?!”

Nuclear engineer turned email software developer Troy Broussard wondered the same thing when he consulted with clients who struggled with these confusing tools.

In this premiere episode, Troy explains how his passion for email marketing led him to partner with email marketing expert Ben Settle to build BerserkerMail– software that maximizes the power of email marketing for entrepreneurs without the complexity of existing software.

He’ll also share why email is the “meat and potatoes” you must be good at if you want your business to thrive, and how to get along with a business partner…even when you’re both headstrong and driven.

Show highlights include:

  • The intensity recipe to create all the energy you need at work to dominate your to-do list and wow your peers (even if enthusiasm doesn’t come to you naturally). (2:13)
  • Why email is the “entrepreneur’s lead domino” of business, and why podcasts and social media will always leave money on the table without it. (4:14)
  • Two Metallica truths to resist unprofitable distractions and stay focused on email marketing so you can bring home the bacon. (4:47)
  • The absurd reason email marketing platforms are so complicated. (5:25)
  • How to “stay in your lane” with your fellow hard-charging business partner so you can collaborate without ripping each other’s throats out. (6:49)
  • The silent “third partner” in a business partnership, and why ignoring her will sink the business. (No, it’s not your wife). (9:50)

To get a free BerserkerMail test drive with no credit card required go to https://StartMyTestDrive.com.

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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