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Another sterling testimonial from one of our A-List Clients.

Here's what Doberman Dan said about working with me and my team at The Podcast Factory:

“I think most people don’t understand the amount of production that goes into a podcast. It seems like you turn on garage band and start recording and you click the stop button when you’re done. Maybe that’s 10 percent of it.

There’s a whole lot of stuff people don’t know about. All the post production stuff, there’s editing and syncing audio files. There’s all the behind the scene stuff, having the correct file formats, working with iTunes, Libsyn and syndication of the audio. It’s actually a lot of technical stuff.

The recording of the podcast is a very small part.

All of the post production and all the technical stuff was something that I don’t know how to do. I don’t have time to go through the learning curve or learning how to do it.

Jonathan makes it as hassle free as it can be.

It’s simply planning the topics and then showing up at the times that we agree to do the podcast recording and that’s about it. He and his team take it from there. They handle all those details, and he knows all the technical stuff that you need to know to do things right for iTunes. I don’t have to manage any of that. It was as easy and hassle free as possible for me. Within days of launching our podcast we were in iTunes New and Noteworthy section.

I would definitely recommend Jonathan because to try to figure all this out on your own and then having to go through the learning curve of learning it the hard way and then having to go find the people to do the technical aspect of all this stuff would take a lot of time, and he already has the system down. So it just makes sense to work with with him.

Bad news and good news here…

The bad news is the dedication we have for our clients makes it impossible for us to take on more than a couple of clients per month.

The good news is, we have an opening for next month.

If you want to get a podcast to market without getting blindsided with all the back end work, we should talk.

My team and I specialize in helping you make the biggest impact in your market without getting bogged down in the details.

One thing you should know is we’re probably one of the most expensive Podcast Agencies on the planet.

But if you want a to be surrounded by an entire team dedicated to your complete and total success.

We’re here for you.

Let’s grab a call to talk about how we can help you make a greater impact in your market.

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Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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