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Now then Butter Cup,

I am officially an author… A. REAL. LIFE. Author

Someone let me write a book, not only that my “book” is also a BEST SELLER.

If anything will show you that you DO NOT need anyone’s permission to do anything that you want to do.

I Truly believe that EVERYONE has a book in them, and if you want to write your book and get it out to the world, so listen to this week’s episode to find out how you can do it.


Myself and producer extraordinaire Jonathan Rivera talk about

– Dan’s book launch and how its story applies to anything you’d like to accomplish
– The phenomenal authority of having a book
– Bringing out your best by being financially committed and giving yourself hard deadline
– Be shameless in asking for help
– Adapt to your friend’s feedbacks
– Have someone to question you to get things out of your mind

Listen to the podcast here.

Toodle Pip

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