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Ben Settle and I switched lives.

He hosted my Off The Chain show while I hosted his Anti-preneur show.

And when Ben took over my spot on Off The Chain, chaos and controversy ensued.

His topic?

How to not be a pussy in your email marketing.

And I can think of none better to teach it than Ben Settle.

Just a few of the things he covered are…

How to build a thriving six-figure business with a grand total time investment of only 10 minutes a day. (No kidding. Ben has REALLY done this.)

A Wing Chun Kung Fu secret for winning any fight that can make you a FORTUNE in your email marketing.

How to use your “hate mail” to generate a small MOUNTAIN of cashola! (And if you do your email marketing like Ben teaches you’ll have plenty of hate mail, therefore making you more and more money!)

Why women are MUCH better at not being a pussy in their email marketing… and why guys could learn a thing or two from the gals.

Why you actually WANT to offend people… and should be working pretty damn hard to do it in every email.

And much more!

Thar’s gold in this here interview.

So get your cute little bottom over here NOW and give it a listen immediately.

All the best,
Doberman Dan

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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