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Wouldn’t it be cool to have a business where people pay you a few hundred bucks a month… and all you do is basically give them electrons?

AND there’s a SERIOUS pain of disconnect… so they keep paying you month after month, year after year.

And no potential compliance issues from federal alphabet agencies and state attorney generals like other businesses have to be concerned about.

Just thousands of people paying you $100 or more every month… possibly for years on end.

Sounds good, right?

Then you’ll want to check out the latest episode of Off The Chain.

Click here and get the real skinny on the Software as a Solution business from a guy who’s super successful with it.

All the best,
Doberman Dan

Doberman Dan

Doberman Dan – serial entrepreneur, direct response marketer, A-list copywriter, publisher of The Doberman Dan Letter, voice of “Off The Chain”, builder of dreams and consumer of Vesper martinis with the style and grace of 007.


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