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Don’t blame this one on me.

My producer J.R. is the one to blame. He started it.

But like I told ya a couple weeks ago, I’m not pulling my punches anymore.

And THIS little rant is gonna piss off EVERYBODY who runs masterminds.

Frankly Scarlet, I don’t give a flying fornication.

SOMEBODY has to tell it like it is.

And I guess I’m the man for the job. Probably the ONLY one with the huevos big enough
to do it.

Click here to hear those big brass ones clunkin’ together like never before… as I explain
why I believe what I believe about masterminds.

(Well… most of ‘em anyway.)

All the best,
Doberman Dan

Doberman Dan

Doberman Dan – serial entrepreneur, direct response marketer, A-list copywriter, publisher of The Doberman Dan Letter, voice of “Off The Chain”, builder of dreams and consumer of Vesper martinis with the style and grace of 007.


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