“Get more clients with Direct Response Podcasting™”

Not my words.

Those were the words of my guest on this week’s episode of Off The Chain.

After fighting it out tooth and nail with the best copywriters in the world of financial copywriting…

Sean McCool created an easy, laid back life for himself by working with a DIFFERENT type of client.

And went from 60+ hour workweeks that had him pulling his hair out from stress……to working about 6 to 8 hours a MONTH.

With a lot more time to enjoy his family… AND follow his passion.

And that “follow your passion” thang was the main focus of our conversation.

Click hear to eavesdrop…

All the best,

Doberman Dan

Doberman Dan

Doberman Dan – serial entrepreneur, direct response marketer, A-list copywriter, publisher of The Doberman Dan Letter, voice of “Off The Chain”, builder of dreams and consumer of Vesper martinis with the style and grace of 007.


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