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And that’s only ONE myth that was busted.

My guest, a psychologist and top online marketer, Dr. Glenn Livingston, also revealed

some shocking things about psychology practices that are also bullshit.

Like how most psychologists treat addictions. (Here’s a hint: It almost NEVER works. For

one very surprising — but obvious — reason.)

And because I’m such a bad influence… I got Glenn off track and into all kinds of crazy


So why take the time to listen to our senseless, rapid fire ranting?

Because Glenn revealed lots of stuff you can use to make a lot more money. Like:

The best guarantee (and most original I’ve ever heard) to increase your conversions to

the INSANE level…

How he cracked the marketing code on one of the most competitive markets ever…

And all kinds of other entertaining and interesting things that — full disclaimer — may or

may not make your life better.

My opinion is biased of course, but I think it WILL make your life better. Even if that’s

only because you’re get a chuckle out of it.

Click here and check out Part One of my interview with the brilliant Dr. Glenn Livingston

on the latest episode of “Off The Chain.”

All the best,

Doberman Dan

Have a podcast in 30 days

Without headaches or hassles


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